Voltage Inc. To Release Pirates in Love: Captain’s Cut

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This morning, I woke up to a message about the new teaser image that Voltage Inc. posted on their Facebook page an hour earlier. Of course I was confused. That image looked too similar to Pirates in Love, but what were the odds that Voltage would update the discontinued game? And my source had not mentioned a thing about any new game yet. What was going on?

I got a surprise when I realized so late that I had gotten a message from my source not long after the teaser had gone up. It was confirmation. Finally, we have an answer to what the “P” that the last IR Report referred to.

Pirates in Love will be getting a re-release titled “Pirates in Love: Captain’s Cut” in English.

Pirates in Love was originally released in English on July 6, 2011 for iOS, being Voltage Inc.’s first official release to the English market. The English game ran for more than two years before receiving it’s final story update on January 15, 2014.

Pirates in Love: Captain’s Cut will utilize the new UI design as used by the newer games such as Scandal in the Spotlight, Star-Crossed Myth, Dangerous Seduction, and Irresistible Mistakes. There is still no word if it will utilize the Coin System, but I am hoping it won’t.

Differences I know so far between Pirates in Love and Pirates in Love: Captain’s Cut are

  • Characters Eduardo and Christopher are changed back to their original Japanese counterparts, Shin and Soushi.
  • All character names, if changed for the original English release, will be changed back to their original Japanese names
    • “Russel” will go back to “Hayate”
    • “Eduardo” will go back to “Shin”
    • “Christopher” will go back to “Soushi”
    • “Nathan” will go back to “Nagi”
    • “Thomas” will go back to “Towa”
    • “Morgan” will go back to “Ryuga”
    • “Alan” will go back to “Roy”
  • The script has been edited and re-written in the same fashion as Be My Princess: PARTY. (And hopefully not too bad)
  • Like all newer games, it will utilize the Transfer Data function.
  • Also like newer games, each Story part will have a title to it instead of just “Main Story”, “Epilogue”, “Sequel”, and “Second Sequel”. They will be titled:
    • Maiden’s Voyage
    • Love’s Horizon
    • Deeper Waters
    • A Pirate’s Life for Me

It is set to be released this month, possibly around the 22nd.

Update 6/20/17: Voltage has officially announced the upcoming release of Pirates in Love: Captain’s Cut on Facebook!

OP has been released!

Happy playing!

June 17, 2017
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