[Upcoming Battles] (Mar 2 – Mar 8)

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★ Ultimate Stage “The Genius Falling for Love”
Time: Mar 7 (Sat)
Bewitched by love, lost in the intersection between love and hatred.
*One-day Exclusive Battle
Important: To enter this stage, 1 or more Extra stage of “Territory of Xuan-Yuan” must be cleared.

★ New Event “Echoes from the Songstress”
The Songstress has returned, reprise the harmony of praise!

Grand Prelude: “Music Box of Breeze”
Time: Mar 2 (Mon) – Mar 15 (Sun)

★ Special Event “Leap of Xuan-Yuan”
Time: Mar 2 (Mon) – Mar 6 (Fri)
To grasp the opportunity to encounter the Chinese fairies!
*One-off Stage

★ New Event “Time Warp from Xuan-Yuan – Earth”
Time: Feb 23 (Mon) – Mar 8 (Sun)
* “Penetrating Eyes – Fong Tian-Ling” will raid in the Advanced and Extra stage!

★ New Event “Way to Deity”
Time: Feb 19 (Thur) – Mar 22 (Sun)
Called on the Gods to stop the endless war!

From Feb 19 (Thur), accumulated rewards will be given for Summoners’ courage when specified rounds are cleared!
The accumulated rewards for clearing specific rounds are as follows:
cleared the 11th round – “Arcane Luster” x 1
cleared the 15th round – “Prime Millennium Aqua Soulstone” x 1
cleared the 18th round – “Harpy” x 1 and “Prime Millennium Shadow Soulstone” x 1

★ The Return of “Trail to the Dragons” in guild-exclusive “Black Hole”
Time: Feb 23 (Mon) – Mar 29 (Sun)
During the event period, “Trail to the Dragons” will be reopened in the guild-exclusive “Black Hole”!

Points to note:
1. “Black Keys” x 8 will be consumed for each entrance to the stage “Trail to the Dragons”. Each Summoner can enter the stage ONCE per day.
2. When the stage is cleared for the first time during the event period, “Harpy” x1 will be awarded.
3. All Soulstones in the stage will be automatically transformed into Millennium Soulstones.

[TOS Version 8.12 for Android Mandatory Update Announcement]

Download Tower of Saviors Version 8.12 for Android – http://en.tosdownload.com/

A mandatory update to Version 8.12 for Android will be applied to all players on Mar 4 (Wed) 11:00 (UTC +8). Players must update the game to the latest version to continue with the game. To prevent any loss of game accounts or data, Summoners must leave all battles and log out of the game before Mar 4 (Wed) 11:00 (UTC +8).

March 3, 2015
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