Sona Texture Update & Client Visual Update

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Sona TU
Sona Splash
Sona‘s base skin along with two others (Silent Night Sona & Pentakill Sona) have received texture update on PBE. Her rework is back for testing. The current updated skins and the rest of her lineup are still a work in progress, so expect updates in the next couple of days. The client has also received a fresh coat of paint for both the launcher and landing page.

***Arcade Sona has been updated on PBE!

Client Update
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Champions subtitles
Although only two of her skins have been updated, others are still in working progress. Arcade Sona probably won’t get one, as she’s already a more modern skin. Her base and Silent Night skin still need slight updates, most notably their hair.

*Sona’s base has been updated with yellow tips on her hair. Rejoice!

    New Ability Icons




AFTERSona Poses Updated

Q1W1E1Ult 1 Ult 2

Silent Night BEFORE

Silent Night Sona Poses

Updated Q Updated WUpdated EUpdated Ult

Pentakill Sona Poses

Penta E

Sona Poses UpdatedMuse Update QMuse Update E Muse E Muse Ult1

Sona’s ultimate, Crescendo, has been updated. It’s shinier. :)

Guqin Sona Poses

Guqin Update Q Guqin Update Q2Guqin Update WGuqin Update EGuqin Update uLT

Old Arcade Sona Poses

Arcade Sona Poses

Auto Arcade Arcade Q1Arcade Q2Arcade W1Arcade W3Arcade W2Arcade E2 Arcade E1Arcade UltArcade Ult2

July 16, 2014
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