SMITE Enters Closed Beta on Xbox One

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SMITE on the Xbox One has moved from Alpha to Closed Beta. You can still sign up for the Beta on the website below, or grab the Founder’s Pack for $29.99 that includes a beta key, two exclusive skins, 400 Gems and all current and future Gods are unlocked. More information from the official announcement below.
SMITE is now in Closed Beta for the Xbox One! Those who are already in the Alpha will automatically be in the Closed Beta and all of their progress will carry over. We’ll continue to give away more Beta keys, so be sure to sign up for the Beta here.

Players can also purchase the Founder’s Pack IN the Xbox Marketplace which will automatically unlock a Beta key, so they can play right now. The Founder’s Pack is $29.99 and includes the Ultimate God Pack (unlocks every current and future God), 2 exclusive skins, a Beta key, and 400 Gems.

For more information on the Founder’s Pack, visit our Xbox portal here.
And remember, Xbox One and PC account linking is now available! You will need both a PC and Xbox One (Microsoft) account. This will ensure you unlock certain items on both accounts, including exclusive items from the Founder’s Pack.

To link your accounts, visit this website. And you can view the video tutorial below for easy steps.

May 15, 2015
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