Earn A 4-Win IP Boost With Friend Discovery

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With the new Friend Discovery feature, you can link your account to your Facebook to find your friends who play the game too. Prior to June 1st, make sure to have this feature turned on and linked to your Facebook account. During that week of June 1st, you’ll be given a 4-win IP boost. Easy as that! More information from the official announcement below.
Earn a 4-win IP boost and find your friends by opting into the new Facebook friend discovery feature. The IP boost offer’s only available for players who have their LoL and Facebook accounts linked for all 24 hours of June 1, with the IP boost being distributed that week. So make sure you flip the switch before then!

Friend Discovery

Friend Discovery 2

And remember:

  • This feature will never post to your (or anyone else’s) Facebook Timeline.
  • People who aren’t your Facebook friends will never see your name, profile picture or profile.
  • Not a single byte of your Facebook data will be shared with strangers or other companies.
  • This feature is, and always will be entirely optional.
  • After approving the feature, you can turn it off at any time.
May 15, 2015
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