Gossip Girl: PARTY Guides

Here are guides that will help you get the best endings in the respective routes.

*Please note that any and all Voltage Inc. game guides posted here on NooBabble are made either from me (Shabby) personally, or are given to me from personal sources. I will never post a guide or walkthrough here taken from someone else or from another blog/forum/etc., and I’d rather that these guides not be reposted anywhere else. If there is ever a time that I post a guide that is from someone else, proper credit will be given to the person providing the guide as well as a link to their blog/forum/etc. and the link to the guide on here will lead to the original post. In that case, I will never post a guide without the guide owner’s permission.

Common Route Guide

Main Story Guides

Alex Hansen Main Story Guide

Alex Hansen Part 2 Guide

Alex Hansen Part 3 Guide

Izaac Martin Main Story Guide

Izaac Martin Part 2 Guide

Marc Jones Main Story Guide

Marc Jones Part 2 Guide

Leon Gouldner Main Story Guide

Fred Carter Main Story Guide

Kyle Hughes Main Story Guide

August 9, 2015