Gossip Girl: PARTY Guides

Here are guides that will help you get the best endings in the respective routes.

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Note about event guides: All links will take you to the Event Info Posts, which include as much information about the event as I can give as well as contributions given to me by readers. If I manage to get a guide before the event starts, the full guide will be posted here. Once the event has started and I have an Event Info Post up, the guide here will be deleted and replaced with a link to the guide on the Event Info Post.

Common Route Guide

Main Story Guides

Alex Hansen Main Story Guide

Alex Hansen Part 2 Guide

Alex Hansen Part 3 Guide

Izaac Martin Main Story Guide

Izaac Martin Part 2 Guide

Marc Jones Main Story Guide

Marc Jones Part 2 Guide

Leon Gouldner Main Story Guide

Fred Carter Main Story Guide

Kyle Hughes Main Story Guide new

Current Event Guides

The Last Kiss – Five Years Later
Alex Izaac Marc Leon Fred Kyle
Part 1 B: “Your support.” B: “Izaac will be just fine.” A: “I want to spend the day at home.” B: “We were making NBA predictions.” A: “I’ll send you my first magazine.” B: “I don’t know how long it’ll be.”
Part 2 A: Speak up. A: “I’m sure you helped them out.” A: “The weather was just like this.” A: “I’m not ready to go home.” B: In Central Park. B: A photo with Kyle.
Part 3 B: “I know you better than that.” B: “Why say that now?” A: “Do you want red?” B: “Just thinking about old times.” A: Leave him some recipes. A: “The pens here wouldn’t work.”
Super Happy End A: “Gotta get ready to go.” B: “Why me?” B: “You gotta smile.” B: “No boyfriends here.” B: “I am. It was the best for both of us.” B: “That’s so sweet.”
August 9, 2015