[My Forged Wedding: PARTY] My Best Hubby Campaign Now Available

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Update 12/15/14: Late update is late! Bonus list added and campaign period extended!


Help your hubby reach the top!! Who will become the main character for January’s Event? It’s up to YOU! During the Xmas Event and Reform Campaign, you will get a lot of Vote Items for each hubby in your hubby’s stories.

Drop Period:12/1~12/29 7:00am(UTC)
Campaign Period: 12/1~12/22 1/5 7:00am(UTC)

This is how you vote:


Step 1: Collect your selected character’s vote items. You will collect them by reading their story in the Xmas Event and in their Main Story. For example, reading Yamato’s Main Story or route in the Xmas Event will give you Vote Items for him. Reading Saeki’s Main Story and Takao’s route in the Xmas Event will give you Vote Items for both Saeki and Takao.

Step 2: Use your vote items to vote for your desired character. You have to use the Vote Items to vote for them.
Having the Vote Item in your Items will not count as a vote, so if you get vote items for husbands who you don’t want to vote for, don’t use them. You will see this image after voting.


Step 3: Check your vote status. You can check how many items you used, and how many votes you have given to each character. You will see a page such as this:


Step 4: Check current character’s rank. Check back often to see where your character stands!

If your character makes it to No. 1, his event will begin in January.

Bonus List


You can also get Bonus prizes when you use a certain number of votes for a character.

You will get

  • White Jeweled Long Dress when you use more than 600 votes for a single character
  • French Side Braid when you use more than 400 votes for a single character
  • Jeweled Crown when you use more than 250 votes for a single character

All votes must be made by January 5th, 2015 7:00 A.M. (UTC). Prizes will be delivered around early January.


If you give your character 100 votes from yourself by December 22nd 7:00am(UTC), you will receive a letter from him.

Happy playing, and good luck!

December 1, 2014
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