[Samurai Love Ballad: PARTY] Date Masamune Main Story Guide

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Episode 4: Old Friends
II: “I don’t think so.”
I: “I’m sorry!”

Episode 5: Masamune’s Cousin
I: Deflect the question.
II: “Who is she…?”

Episode 6: Masamune’s Secret
I: Say nothing.
II: “Do you not like it…?”

Episode 7: Masamune’s Smile
II: Put his head in your lap.
I: “I don’t know.”

Episode 8: Back to Kyoto
I: “I’m sorry…”
I. “I do.”

Episode 9: Loose Ends
I: “What’re you doing here…?”
I: “We should go back with them.”

Episode 10: Trapped
II: “Someone is framing him!”
I: “No!”

Episode 11: Lord Mogami
I: “Let me go.”
I: “Lord Masamune!”

Episode 12: Feelings Left Behind
II: Go to Lord Masamune.
II: Touch his cheek.

Episode 13: In The Moonlight (Divine End)
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Episode 13: Till Death Do Us Part (Nobel End)
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February 29, 2016
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