[My Forged Wedding: PARTY] Masquerade Date Fashion Gacha for Silver Users Now Available

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The Masquerade Date Fashion Gacha is only available to Silver Users. Silver Users are players who have reached 100 Logins in the 200 Login Challenge and receive a silver “100” medal next to their name and avatar on user lists. There is still no end date announced.

As with all Fashion Gachas, the first spin is free to play. Unlike previous Fashion Gachas, however, every spin after costs only 2 Gacha Medals. There are twelve avatar items in the gacha to win, including one special background, by far having the most prizes of any Fashion Gacha that has been released. Item probabilities are 90% for Normal and 10% for Special (background and curly hair avatar item).


Item prizes include:

  • Dressy Pearl Necklace (Charm: 50)
  • Gorgeous Fan (Charm: 60)
  • Princess Masquerade Mask (Charm: 70)
  • Rose Princess Hat (Charm:80)
  • Fairy Hairstyle (Charm: 90)
  • Princess Dolly Eyes (Blue) (Charm: 90)
  • Classic Styled Silk Dress (Charm: 150)
  • Rococo Style Blue Dress (Charm: 150)
  • Princess Dolly Eyes (Pink) (Charm: 100)
  • Rose Laced Dress (Charm: 150)
  • Horse Carriage (Charm 160)
  • Secret Rendezvous in the Palace background (Charm: 300)

All collected items together total out to 1300 Charm.

Also available is a Gacha Medal item set sale allowing you to save 17% Coin. Set items available are:

  • 30 Gacha Medal Set w/ Closet (10 Slots) for the price of 2500 Coin
  • Masquerade Date Set w/ 15 Gacha Medals, Closet (5 Slots), and a Dressy Pearl Necklace for 1500 Coin
  • Silver Gacha Special Set w/ 6 Gacha Medals and a Gorgeous Fan for the price of 600 Coin
  • 2 Gacha Medal Set for the price of 180 Coin (3 per player)

Each set is limited to only one per person with the exception of the 2 Gacha Medal Set and are available until December 29th 7:00 A.M. (UTC).

Happy playing!

December 20, 2014
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