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After Kuroko no Basket ended, I’m sure all of you have been dying for the new series (or should I say spin off?) of it~ And yesterday, the translated version of Kuroko no Basket – Extra Game was finally out!

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Now to the summary we go~

As usual, an introduction of the ‘unparalleled geniuses’ that is the Generation of Miracles and how the acknowledged phantom sixth man met his light and fight each of them and led the GoM to their supposed paths again. And after that, they introduced new characters~ (welp, our soon to be villains) the Jabberwock!


They are a street basketball team originating from the US that are famous even in the whole world. Fujimaki-sensei didn’t explain why they came to Japan but all we know is that their final match there will be against a bunch of university student (welcome back senpaiss). Anyway, they just arrived at Japan and the one who’ll be their guide is none other than  Coach’s dad!

Back to Seirin, Izuki was surprised how Kagetora-san (Riko’s Dad) is the Jabberwock’s guide. And then the coach proceeds by saying that she got 2 tickets to Jabberwock’s match tomorrow and also asking who is willing to go with her. Koga-chan was raising his hand but Izuki (as an awesome wingman) prevented him to, saying that the Captain should go instead or he’ll sulk later on.

The coach ask our duo to stop practicing since they are on their break now. But they didn’t since apparently, they are not satisfied with their inter-high results.

Now at that coach’s home, her dad just came home saying that he just came from a Cabaret Club in Roppongi to which she kicked him in the face to. He said that it was not him who wants to go but instead the Jabberwock. He said that what happened there was too much for him to describe and that he regretted being their guide.

The next morning, both Riko and Hyuuga are there to watch the match. Conversing to each other that it’s those guys, Team Strky!


((By this time, I squealed so hard omg… senpaaaaaiiiiiiissss)) 

We have Kasamatsu, Miyaji, Okamura, Imayoshi and Higuchi (Rakuzan’s manager).

((Okay, I’m not going to describe the match fully, but it was really really heartbreaking. In short, they just lost, really really badly, scores are: Jabberwock, 86 and Stryky, 6))

Jabberwock was playing really rudely, like bouncing the ball to Miyaji’s head and all that. At the end of the match, the Captain of Jabberwock, Nash Gold Jr., was interviewed. He was laughing and saying how they are so lame, unworthy and how all Japanese are like monkeys. To top it off, instead of shaking the hand that Kasamatsu ((my bby)) offered, he spat on it. He spat on it.

Everyone was in shock and the atmosphere got really really bad. Riko’s dad was so pissed that he stepped forward, saying that they don’t deserve to say those words and challenging them to a re-match in 1 week.

Later that day, Kagetora was in the gym, waiting until he noticed somebody came and said ‘Oh, you came. Good to finally meet you all.’ Displaying the GoM members!!!! ((aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh))



 After that, our duo came~ Kuroko and Kagami!!


Anyway, I’ll just be putting the last 2 pages, and there you go~

37 38sorry that most of this was me ranting instead of summarizing it :P

So, in my previous post, I said that the author and artist of 07-ghost made another series right? And guess what, it has been released (and translated) !~

You can find it here, on the website of the previous translator group of 07-ghost. You can either download or read it online.

It looks interesting and awesome!~~~

The main character does look like Teito, but his personality is definitely different. Anyway, read it to find out more about it~

Azu’s Corner


This really reminds me of that post on tumblr that said Fujimaki-sensei is punishing us for not hating Hanamiya and Haizaki enough.. ahaha welp, I now sure do hate Nash!!!!

I am sure every KnB fan has been dying for GoM’s comeback and here we got it!! ahhhh Aomine looks sooo much better, Kise too! I just- woooh…. I love love love Strky soo much and it was kinda surprising(?) that Kasamatsu was the captain. I was expecting for Imayoshi to be it, but I guess Kasamatsu just has that leader quality <3!

As for Battle Rabbit! or Batto Rabitsu!, I am indeed really excited for it and it really had a good premise. Even though I actually preferred 07-G’s plot/universe better, but meh, they are still on their first chapter… I was actually kinda sad that 07-G ended, but I am glad that the Author and Artist of 07-G got together again because I love its art and plot so much!

Hope you enjoy today!~

Merry (belated) Christmas and Happy (advanced) New Year Guys!!!!~~~~

December 30, 2014
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