[Love 365] Voltage Inc. to Release 涙色のキセキ in English

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Update 3/12/19: Voltage Inc. has announced A World With(out) You, set to release in April.

The man I love has left this world. Without him, my days continue on, lifeless and gray…
Until one day he returns to me as a ghost.
Even without his touch, every moment we spend together is a treasure…

“I came back to say goodbye.”

And there it is. The next title in Love 365 after Masquerade Kiss is going to be A World With(out) You. As with Masquerade Kiss, this one will also be a Love Choice title. While I don’t currently have an English synopsis for this title, the general story is of a woman who loses the man she loves, and is then followed by his ghost when he is unable to move on due to unfulfilled desires or regrets.

The obtainable cast include:

  • Kamiyama Kotaro, Type O, DIY Master, freewheeling alpha male, architectural designer of “Amemiya”
  • Fukazawa Saku, Type B, Book smarts, cool, driven “Amemiya”sales maager
  • Miyoshi Kento, Type AB, Service with a smile, wold in sheep’s clothing, “Clover Home”sales
  • Amemiya Kiyohiro, Type A, Foreign languages, calmly sexy “Amemiya” president

That’s all I have for now! Going by Voltage’s recent track record, we can expect to see a sneak peek of the title in one of the upcoming V.I.P. Room updates. As to when we’ll be getting that update, I haven’t been told. But here’s something for V.I.P. members to look forward to in the coming months!

Happy playing!

November 13, 2018
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