[Love 365] V.I.P. Room: December 2018

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The V.I.P. Room has been updated!

Wondering about whether or not this month’s Pass is worth buying?

This month, Voltage announces the release for Yukihisa Maki’s Main Story and His PoV in Irresistible Mistakes.

Only able to connect through physical pleasure, he can’t understand peoples’ feelings.

Despite all that, it only took one night for you to become his “friend”.

It’ll all be over once feelings get involved, but before you know it, your heart opens up to him and…

“I’ll be waiting for you in our usual room.”

The announcement comes with a short conversation between the guys about Maki’s story release, though don’t talk about the story exactly.

That’s it for now in the month of December!

Interested in this month’s goodies?

Access to the V.I.P. Room and its contents is only available after purchasing the Monthly Access Pass within the Love 365 app ($8.99 USD). Head on over to the app and tap “V.I.P. Room” on the Menu to either access the content or to subscribe and become a Monthly Access Pass Holder!

*Make sure you read all terms, conditions, and question answers before subscribing.

Happy playing!

December 8, 2018
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