[Gossip Girl: PARTY] Story Campaign #1 Now Available

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The first Story Campaign period is from September 28th to October 8th 7:59 (UTC).

All you have to do is read the Main Story using Love Passes, and you can earn prizes depending on the number of Love Passes you use.

Prizes for using Love Passes include Cash, Gems, and Limited Time avatar items.

For every 5 Episodes that you complete, you will get either Cash or Gems on every fifth and tenth episode read.

Prizes are:

5 Love Passes Cupcakes (10 pts)
15 Love Passes Butterfly Headband
35 Love Passes Cupcakes (30 pts)
45 Love Passes Cash 1000
55 Love Passes Peep Toe Booties (Camel)
80 Love Passes Cash 1000
100 Love Passes Structured Leather Tote
120 Love Passes Cupcakes (100 pts)
140 Love Passes Belted Denim Dress

Getting all avatar items will complete Izaac’s Ideal: First Date Outfit.

Happy playing!

September 30, 2015
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