Champion Poros Wallpapers for Fiesta De Máscaras/Semana da Folia

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The LAN/LAS/BR servers are having special and exclusive celebrations, Fiesta De Máscaras for LAN/LAS and Semana da Folia for BR. With these celebrations come two summoner icons: Festive Teemo and Masked Teemo. If that wasn’t enough, wallpapers of Poros dressed up as champions.

Below is a translated version of Fiesta De Máscaras/Semana da Folia (from yours truly).

There exists a time of year when the people of various corners of the world celebrate the joy of living. From music to dance, the whole town comes out to show off their fantastic costumes, being the champions of the fountain of inspiration. The most creative people reinvent their admired characters!

Although sometimes, they are so distracted from the parties, that they forget that there exists less colorful places…. like The Howling Abyss, where life flows gray for the sympathetic Poros. Are they not entitled to have fun like everyone else?

Fortunately, someone took pity on these creatures and decided to prepare a special surprise for them.

After a while, this mysterious benefactor left a present for the tiny inhabitants of the gloomy bridge, something that without a doubt would leave them extremely happy.

Now the Poros will be able to celebrate the joy of life as well, disguised as their favorite champions!

Will we ever find out who was behind all of this? This is just one of the many surprises that the Fiesta de Máscaras/Semana de Folia brings us.
Below you will find 48 60 Poro Champions. Update: The last 12 have been added! Dimensions: 1920×1080

These icons, along with the Fizz Oceania icon will be available on March 5 through 23:59 PST on March 23 for 250 RP each!
Teemo Icon 2 Teemo Icon 1
Which one is your favorite? Comment below! :)

February 17, 2015
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