[Be My Princess: PARTY] Prince Keith’s Basketball Battle Story Gacha Now Available

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Prince Keith’s Basketball Battle Story Gacha will be open until February 27th 6:59 (UTC). The first free spin will win you Part 1 of the story. The second and third spins costs 3 Gems, and every spin after costs 5 Gems.

bmpp-basketball-battle-collection-prizeItem prizes include:

  • Secret Date Part 1 – Showering Together?!
  • Secret Date Part 2 – The Call of the Heart Megaphone?
  • Secret Date Part 3 – He Shoots, He… Kisses?!
  • Heeled Boots w/Lace Socks (Charm: 70)
  • Let’s Go Lion (Charm: 70)
  • Mint Green Sweater (Charm: 100)
  • Chevron Skirt (Charm: 100)
  • Beige Sport Jacket (Charm: 150)
  • Brunette Winter Hair (Charm: 200)
  • Private Basketball Court background (Charm: 400)

All collected avatar items together total out to 1090 Charm.

About story choices: From what I can tell, Special Stories like these don’t usually have a “correct” answer, so it doesn’t really matter what choices you make. I have checked on Love Tiara, and there is no right or wrong answer for any of the selections. There are supposedly correct answers for the English version, but I have tried it out and neither of the choices give any positive or negative reward or outcome. The supposedly correct answers, for those wondering, are all the A. choices. Again, I don’t see anything to suggest that there is any type of outcome for them, but do let me know if you see one.

Happy playing!

February 17, 2015
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