[Be My Princess: PARTY] Keith Alford Main Story Guide

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Episode 1: The Cruelest Man is the Prince?!
A: I want to give this a try
B: Head for Prince Keith

Episode 2: Celebrities & Commoners
B: Just apologize
B: Ask him to let go

Episode 3: The Best Advisor?
A: I was not afraid
B: Grab Prince Keith by the arm

Episode 4: A Date as a Reward?
A: You did this for me?
B: Buy the cloth anyway

Episode 5: A Fight on the Balcony
B: Greet him normally
A: I can’t do that!

Episode 6: Milky Way
B: Hide behind Prince Keith
B: Have Luke take care of it

Episode 7: A Sudden Rejection
A: Totally fine!
B: Is that a problem?

Episode 8: The Spirit Exposed
B: Ask her where she lives
B: N-no way!

Episode 9: Midnight Visitor
B: How did you know…?
A: Listen to him now

Episode 10: A Crafty Little Plan
B: Caught by a vine
A: What are you talking about?

Episode 11: Overwhelming Emotions
B: Look for Luke
B: Amusing, my ass!

Episode 12: Love with a Prince
B: What are you doing!?
A: Please don’t apologize

Episode 13: The King’s Conspiracy
B: What about Prince Keith?
B: Wrap your arms around him

Episode 14: Opening the Gate
A: Smile
A: Hug him one last time

Episode 15: Beyond the Spotlight
No selection

Epilogue: Lending a Hand
No selection

November 17, 2014
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