Voltage Inc. To Release Be My Princess Season 2 In May

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5/13/14 Update: Be My Princess 2 is now available for both Android and iOS! Happy playing!

A Royal Love Story
-I’ll make you a princess the whole world will love.-

One day, you receive a mysterious invitation
to attend a marriage interview with the prince!

You don’t know how it’s possible, but the prince has fallen in love with you at first sight.
“I can’t imagine marrying anyone else.”
“Take my hand, my princess…”

Your very own Cinderella story starts now!

And right when I already made a Voltage Inc. post. This is going to turn into an all Voltage Inc. blog if we’re not careful, and none of us want that, right?


Well, it’s happening! Voltage Inc. announced earlier today that Be My Princess 2 is coming next month!

Be My Princess 2 takes place 50 years after the original game. This time, the guys of choice are 5 grandsons of the original 6 Princes, one son of one of the original 6 Princes, and two Princes each from a brand new country added into the game, totaling out 8 Princes with routes. Our heroine is still a commoner, but this time she works as a patissier in the patisserie in Nobel Michel.

I know a lot of people have been aching to get their hands on this one, and who can blame them? I definitely can’t wait to start playing it! Just like with the release of Zen’s stories, all bets will be off for me and I’ll drop any route or story I will be playing at the time of the release.

I love baking, too, and have even dreamed about being a patissier at some point, so I’m really looking forward to seeing the heroine in this game! Unfortunately for me, I can already hear Elu laughing at me as soon as he hears about this little tidbit about the heroine. I can hear him making fun of me and saying that it’s me and…. Oh gosh, what am I doing? Someone send help!

Also unfortunately for me, I’m most looking forward to Kevin, and we won’t be seeing his route anytime soon. /sobs But! I am looking forward to the other Princes. We might even find out what happened to the original 6 Princes!

I was also kind of hoping we wouldn’t see a new game release so soon, so as much as I love to see this one being next, it kind of worries me how fast all these releases are going for both the Japanese and English branches. I really hope this only means that Voltage is doing well enough to warrant all these releases, ports, and localizations. But with so many games getting cancelled and dropped, I can’t help but worry right now about the fate of all the current games, including Be My Princess 2. I can only hope that this is all a good thing, but the worry won’t be going anywhere….

Anyways, here’s the original synopsis of 王子様のプロポーズ シーズン2 for those wondering (not completely accurate):

Be My Princess Season 2 takes place 50 years later in Nobel Michel. You work in the town’s patisserie as a patissier. When sent to deliver flour to the castle, you meet the princes of the six countries! They suddenly propose an arranged marriage meeting (omiai)…? What will become of the love between the next king who shoulders the fate of his country, and the town patissier!?* On the stage of a gorgeous world beyond the generation, another “royal family love story” begins…

*国の運命を背負う次期国王と、街のパティシエの恋の行方は!? – I’m not really sure about this part, so if anyone can correct it, please do!

Now we just have to play the waiting game!


April 30, 2014
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