Voltage Inc. JAPAN to Release 恋愛上等★イケメン学園 for Android and iOS

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For some reason, you are transferred to a high school with a dormitory. However, you are the only female student on campus.

With only delinquent boys in your class, to make matters worse, you share a dormitory!

School life with an all-male dormitory begins.

Though you are puzzled at first, seeing their gentle true face, you begin a friendship unaware of an awakening love….

A sweet love with a delinquent will bring a lot of joy.

Whew! I wanted to at least get this and the new English game post before I start working on the ones I’m behind on. Awful translations are awful and everything is late and I still have no idea what I’m doing!

It’s official! Another older game is getting an Android/iOS port!

Like with 湘南★初カレDiary, 天下統一★恋の乱, ルームシェア★素顔のカレ, and 恋人は同居人, 恋愛上等★イケメン学園 is a game that has been considered cancelled on its original platform. Whether or not the port means that the story will be continued from where it left off in the original is unknown. Though seeing as how 恋人は同居人’s port was cancelled before it even got to the fifth character’s sequel, and the sixth character never even made a debut! And that’s considering that, as far as I’m aware, 恋人は同居人 was really poplar on it’s original platform, getting a one-shot manga adaptation and two drama CD’s. And what disappoints me the most is that now, as an English-only player, this guarantees that we won’t even be getting a single 3 Years Later story for the game. Fingers crossed that Ren-ai Joto does better!

The obtainable cast include (don’t quote me on the character descriptions):

    • Ryukai Ryoji (17), tsundere x oresama
    • Todo Rei (18), natural airhead x cool
    • Agatsuma Yu (17), confident x imp
    • Sakaki Akira (17), gentleman x tactician
    • Minase Keiichiro (17), brusque x carnivore (肉食系)
    • Aejima Yuki (29),  (so far hasn’t been advertised as having a route yet)

Like with 恋人は同居人, this game will be getting a complete art revamp, which means redone sprites and CG’s. The art looks different than the original, but it’s really not that much different from the original except for the style? Is that right?


What is English

I can’t recall if I had mentioned it before here or not, but Voltage did release a survey some time ago asking about this game and 恋人は同居人, as in whether we have heard of them before, played them before, and wish to play them. So imagine my surprise when 教師たちの秘密の放課後 was released. I knew there was a school-themed game coming out, but I had honestly thought it would be this one!

And now that Ren-ai Joto is official for a port, I am excited! I’m really hoping the game goes far in porting stories. At the very least, I hope the main story portion of it gets ported so that it doesn’t end up a ghost of “Coming soon…” signs everywhere like in 恋人は同居人.

There has yet to be a release date, but I’m guessing it will be an October release. I’ll update when I get more info.

Happy playing!

September 21, 2015
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