Veronica Mars Is Back!

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Veronica Mars


Rejoice!!! After show creator Rob Thomas posted on Kickstarter (a funding platform for projects such as a film) for fans to donate for the film, the pledged goal has already been met! The goal $$ for the film to be greenlit by Warner Bros. was $2 million during the month, but $2.8 was raised in under a day. How freaking great is that?!

Although the show Veronica Mars was cancelled after its third season, it gathered a cult following. For years now, star Kristen Bell had been urging fans to demand a film to tie up loose ends that the last episode aired didn’t. Creator Rob Thomas and some cast members (Kristen Bell, Jason Dohring, Enrico Colantoni, Ryan Hansen and Percy Daggs III) are pretty much on board for the film. If WB keeps its promise, it will start filming in the summer and be released (limited) next year. Donators (backers) will get something back in return though. For donating $10 or more, you get a pdf of the script of the movie; you’ll even get updates about the process of it. For other more generous donations, they’ll receive limited edition VM Movie t-shirts, a digital version (some will get the physical DVD and/or Blu-Ray) of the movie days after of its release, movie posters, tickets to the red carpet premiere, a chance to name a character in the movie, and even a guest spot! You’ll be in the movie!



The Kickstarter Veronica Mars fund will end on April 12 and it has already raised over $3 million as of now. If you’re a loyal fan and want to donate, go HERE!!

The page includes a video of Kristen, Jason, Enrico, Ryan and Rob acting out a small, comedic scene. Watch below. Whoooo!!



March 14, 2013
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