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Guild Event 『Revenge after the Festival』

1 Nov, 2014

Guild Event 『Revenge after the Festival』

【Anger of the Unyielding King】
★ 4th Event: Guild Event 『Revenge after the Festival』
Time: Nov 3 (Mon) – Nov 9 (Sun)
Who says prank is only for Halloween!?


From Nov 3 (Mon) to Nov 9 (Sun), when guild members clear any levels of『Revenge after the Festival』, Guild Points will be awarded. Guild members who successfully achieved Hidden achievment will obtain additional guild points. When a guild has accumulated specified amount of Guild Points, all guild members achieved certain Personal Guild Points in the guild will be awarded accumulated prizes! Also, everyone in the Top 100 Guilds ( level 6 or under) and Top 100 Guilds ( level 7 or above ) of the highest Guild Points will be awarded a Golden Badge as a symbol of power and glory!


Guild Points calculation for clearing the stage『Revenge after the Festival』:

Clear『Naughty Pumpkins – Basic』 once – 10 Guild Points
Clear『 Naughty Pumpkins – Interm』 once – 20 Guild Points
Clear『Naughty Pumpkins – Advanced』 once – 30 Guild Points
First clearance of Stage achievment: Basic – 20 Guild Points
First clearance of Hidden achievment: Basic – 200 Guild Points


The Accumulated Prizes are as follows:

3,000 accumulated Guild Points & 30 Personal Guild Points – “Pumpkin Trio” x1
4,500 accumulated Guild Points & 45 Personal Guild Points – “Spirit Refill” x1
6,500 accumulated Guild Points & 65 Personal Guild Points – “Baby Harpy” x2
9,500 accumulated Guild Points & 95 Personal Guild Points – 200 souls
15,000 accumulated Guild Points & 150 Personal Guild Points – “Mosasaur” x1



1. Guilds of all levels are eligible for this event.
2. The current Guild Points will be shown in Guild Announcement.
3. The criteria of Hidden achievement are the same as for all Guild members. After Guild members achieved the hidden achievement, the conditions of the hidden achievement will be shown on Guild announcements.
4. Summoners who join Guild prior to the event starts will be qualified for extra Guild Points from hidden achievement, each Summoner can only obtain the extra points once.
5. If Guild member changes Guild during the event, the hidden achievement will not be reset. Guild Points will not be rewarded again even if the same hidden achievement was completed.
6. The definition of clearing a level of『Revenge after the Festival』 is that the battle has to be won and the Battle Result screen is shown afterwards. Summoners can clear all levels for an unlimited number of times.
7. Guild Points and prizes will be counted on an accumulated basis. For example, when a guild has accumulated 4,500 Guild Points, all members achieving 45 Personal Guild Points or more in the guild will be awarded “Pumpkin Trio” x1 and “Spirit Refill” x1.
8. Guild Points will be calculated until Nov 9 (Sun) 23:59. To collect Guild Points, Summoners must enter any level of『Revenge after the Festival』and win the battle by Nov 9 (Sun) 23:59.
9. All prizes will be distributed on Nov 10 (Mon). Summoners can collect the prizes in “Community” -> “Reward” after re-logging into the game.
10. All prizes will only be distributed to Summoners who have joined a guild by Nov 9 (Sun) 23:59. Summoners who join a guild beyond the time will NOT be given any prizes.
11. If any guild member is found to be involving in unauthorized gaming activities, Guild Points collected by the member will be cancelled immediately.
12. If a guild member is kicked by the Guild Leader during the event, the Guild Points contributed by the member will be cancelled but will NOT be transferred to any guilds that member joins afterwards. If a guild member leaves the guild on his/her own during the event, the Guild Points contributed by the member will remain in the original guild.
13. The Golden Badge will be displayed in the “Friend List” of the owner’s Friends, and will also be seen next to the owner’s name when the owner’s Friends are selecting an Ally before a battle. The Golden Badge will be displayed until next Guild Event.


【Anger of the Unyielding King】

30 Oct, 2014

【Anger of the Unyielding King】

★ 1st Event: Daily Login Diamonds

Time: Nov 3 (Mon) – Nov 9 (Sun)
1 diamond would be given daily during this period. Login every day to get a total of 7 diamonds!

★ 2nd Event: Daily Login Gift

Time: Nov 1 (Sat) – Nov 2 (Sun)
Login on Nov 1 (Sat) to receive 5 “Inventory capacities”; login on Nov 2 (Sun) to receive 5 “Friend List capacities”.
* If the Inventory has reached the maximum capacity of 1100, the reward will become 1 diamond. If the Friend List has reached the maximum capacity of 400, the reward will become 1 diamond as well.

★ 3rd Event: Purchase Reward

Time: Nov 1 (Sat) – Nov 9 (Sun)
No matter a purchase has been made before or not, when making a single purchase of 6 or more diamonds during this event, you will receive one chance drawing characters from『12 Zodiacs – Chapter 2』and 200 souls. Each Summoner could receive the reward once.

Example: when making a purchase of 6 diamonds on Nov 1, you will receive one chance drawing characters from『12 Zodiacs – Chapter 2』. The reward can be found in “Community” -> “Reward” after re-logging into the game. But if you purchase 6 diamonds again on Nov 2, you will NOT receive the reward again.


5* Luna the Saintly Warrior
5* Alma the Ruthless Assassin
5* Hertz the Spirit Walker
5* Domon the Boulder Crusher
5* Carrie the Phantom Dancer
5* Cateua&Ravniss – Tide Riders

★ 4th Event: Guild Event 『Revenge after the Festival』

Time: Nov 3 (Mon) – Nov 9 (Sun)
Details will be announced later.

★ 5th Event: Soulmaster Stage『The Return of the Evil Lord』

Time: Nov 5 (Wed)
The Evil Lord is returning with his powerful minions in the new year!
* One-day exclusive battle
*From Nov 5 (Wed) to Nov 11 (Tue), when “Saruman the Evil Lord” teams up with Gnomes, their Team Skill will take effect, where the Gnomes’ Attack will increase from 500% to 1000%!

★ 6th Event: Domination of Pneuma

Time: Nov 5 (Wed)
『The Return of the Evil Lord』Additional Nightmare Level,”Saruman the Evil Lord” has granted the ability to Power Release, returning with greater power to dominate the TOS realm!
* The Power Release element “Skeletal Houngans” for “Saruman the Evil Lord” can be obtained in the stage『The Return of the Evil Lord』.

★ 7th Event: Source of Victory

Time: Nov 5 (Wed)
Log in on the day to receive Stamina Refill x1!
*Important: this Stamina Refill must be used on or before Oct 25 (Sat) 23:59.

★ 8th Event: Return of 『The Visitor from afar』

First comer:『The Visitor from afar – Water』
Time: Nov 10 (Mon) – Nov 16 (Sun)
『Pyrokinesis – The Scarlet Queen』 raids in the stage during the event!
*『Companions of Travellers』will be available to evolve on Nov 10 (Mon), they are powerful than ever!

★ 9th Event: New Event『Trail to the Dragons』

Time: Nov 3 (Mon) – Dec 7 (Sun)
The legendary creatures are surrounding the sky!
From Nov 3 (Mon), accumulated rewards will be given for Summoners’ courage when specified rounds are cleared!

The accumulated rewards for clearing specific rounds are as follows:
cleared the 11th round – “Arcane Lustre” x 1
cleared the 15th round – “Aquatic Prime Soulstone” x1
cleared the 18th round – “Harpy” x1

*The rewards for clearing each specific round will be given ONCE only. Summoners will NOT receive the rewards twice when the specific rounds are cleared again.

Example 1: If you clear the 11th round on Nov 3 (Mon), you will receive “Arcane Lustre” x 1. If you clear the 11th round again on Nov 4 (Tue) or later, you will NOT receive “Arcane Lustre” x 1 again.
Example 2: If you clear the 15th round on Nov 3 (Mon), you will earn “Arcane Lustre” x 1 AND “Aquatic Prime Soulstone” x1 (accumulated rewards for 11th + 15th rounds); if you clear the 18th round on Nov 4 (Tue), you will earn “Harpy” x1 on the day (accumulated reward for 18th round), but will NOT earn the rewards for clearing the 11th and 15th rounds again.


Azu’s Corner

Ohohoho I am back! Gosh, school events have been taking up my days and wow… Welp, Saruman SM coming soon~ But what I truly want is of course, D.I.A.B.L.O!!! But the thing is, Diablo’s SM is one of the hardest, barely no one could finish it without using a TON of diamonds…. *sigh* I still have a long way to go…

Anywhos, hope you enjoy this short post~ G’Luck on trying out the SM!

November 2, 2014
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