Upcoming Battles (Sep 29 – Oct 5) + Announcements

★ New Event 『The Pantheon’s Ordeal』

Time: Sep 29 (Mon) – Oct 5 (Sun)
Summoners, are you ready to take up the challenge from the Gods?


1. The more times Summoners clear the stage, the higher the HP of the God in the last stage will be.
2. For the first clearance of the stage and every 5 clearances afterwards, Summoners will receive extra rewards until the 101st clearance.
3. Reviving with diamonds is not allowed.


★ Special Event 『Garden of Harvest』

Time: Sep 27 (Sat) – Oct 1 (Wed)
Trace the treasure in the garden filled with wealth.
* One-off stage


★ New Event 『Shikigami of Shukendo – Light』

Time: Sep 22 (Mon) – Oct 5 (Sun)


★ New Event 『Shikigami of Shukendo – Dark』

Time: Sep 29 (Mon) – Oct 12 (Sun)


★ Return of 『The Ancient Dragon – Earth』

Time: Sep 29 (Mon) – Oct 12 (Sun)
『Protometallic Dragon Uranus』 raids in the stage during the event!


★ New Event 『Path of Atavism』

Time: Sep 22 (Mon) – Oct 26 (Sun)
Another fight between the beasts shall begin. Get up in arms for a fight back!


From Sep 22 (Mon), accumulated rewards will be given for Summoners’ courage when specified rounds are cleared!


The accumulated rewards for clearing specific rounds are as follows:
cleared the 11th round – Friend List capacity +5
cleared the 15th round – “Dark Prime Soulstone” x1
cleared the 18th round – “Harpy” x1


TOS is now compatible for iOS 8! Summoners using Apple devices, please be reassured that you could enjoy your adventure in the TOS realm with the latest operation system at any time!

【Compensation for Known Issue in Facebook account binding】

29 Sep, 2014

From Sep 29 (Mon) 00:00am to 5:00pm (UTC+08), some Summoners were unable to login TOS by Facebook binding account due to technical error.

The TOS team has fixed this issue after investigation with Facebook. Summoners who have experienced Facebook binding problem can now log into the game again and continue the journey!

To express our apologies, each Summoner will receive Stamina Refill x1 as a compensation. Please log in on Sep 30 (Tue) 00:00 – 23:59 to collect the compensation. Please note that this compensation is only applicable to Summoners of TOS English version who have reached Level 10 or above on Mar 29 (Mon) 23:59.


Once again thank you for your patience and consideration.


Tower of Saviors Exceeds 15 Million Downloads Worldwide Celebration Mysterious Event

29 Sep, 2014


Event Website: http://www.tosgame.com/en

To celebrate the global download of TOS exceeding 15 million, the TOS Team proudly presents new mysterious event 『Challenge from Summoners』. Summoners could customize your letter of challenge in the event to challenge your friends to clear 『The Patheon’s Ordeal』 as many times as they can! The loser has to accept the punishment decided by the originator!

By completing the event, Summoners will be given 5 diamonds and “Baby Harpy” x5! The rewards will be distributed on Oct 7 (Tues) and could be founded in “Community” –> “Rewards”.

★ Mysterious Event 『Challenge from Summoners』
Time: Sep 29 (Mon) – Oct 5 (Sun) 23:59, UTC +08
Rewards: 5 diamonds and “Baby Harpy” x5

On the first day of the event (Sep 29, Mon), Summoners would be divided into groups according to the last digit of their UIDs. The starting time for different groups is as follows:

Last digit of UID is “0″ or “1″ – 13:00, UTC+08
Last digit of UID is “2″ or “3″ – 14:00, UTC+08
Last digit of UID is “4″ or “5″ – 15:00, UTC+08
Last digit of UID is “6″ or “7″ – 16:00, UTC+08
Last digit of UID is “8″ or “9″ – 17:00, UTC+08

Example: If your UID is “1003330″, since the last digit is “0″, you can join the event starting from 13:00, UTC+08. If your UID is “12345678″, since the last digit is “8″, you can join the event from 17:00, UTC+08.

This procedure will only be implemented on the first day of the event (Sep 29). Starting from the second day of the event (Sep 30), Summoners can join the event at any time.

Steps to participate:

1. “Like” and “Share” this event post and set the audience as “Public”.

2. You are more than ready! Go to the event website to start!
** To ensure complete event record, please do not open the event website in more than one tab of the browser.

September 30, 2014
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