[The Princess in the Mirror] Vincent Casper Main Story Guide

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(Please take into consideration that I haven’t completed this route using this guide, but these answers should be correct. If they are not, please feel free to let me know so that it can be corrected.)

Episode 1:
A: “No, it’s nothing.”
B: Sidestep by talking about the weather.

Episode 2:
A: “Stop that.”
B: Laugh vaguely.

Episode 3:
A: Ask Simeon to go after him.
B: “Where did that come from?”

Episode 4:
B: “Good afternoon.”
B: “Well, it was my fault.”

Episode 5:
A: Relieving fatigue.
A: “I’m sorry.”

Episode 6:
B: Be calm.”
B: Nod meekly.

Episode 7:
A: “Thank you.”
A: Talk about it now.

Episode 8:
A: Tell the truth.
A: “You’ve been good to me.”

Episode 9:
B: “Why won’t you read the letter?”
B: “What are you talking about…?”

Episode 10:
A: Tell him to leave you alone.
A: “Your hand…”

Episode 11:
B: Immediately flip the book over.
B: “I agree.”

Episode 12:
B: “I thought I was gonna die.”
A: “Thank you.”

Episode 13:
A: “What about your injury?”
A: “No, not really…”

Episode 14:
A: “I’m not crying.”
A: “Vincent…”

Episode 15: (All)
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Epilogue: (All)
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May 27, 2023
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