[Samurai Love Ballad: PARTY] Oda Nobunaga and Akechi Mitsuhide Starter Route Guide

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Episode 1: Nobunaga’s Poison Taster
I. “I’m probably just tired from the journey.” (For Mitsuhide)
II. “It’s all in your head.” (For Nobunaga)

I: Apologize. (For Mitsuhide)
II: Run away. (For Nobunaga)

Episode 2: Dangerous Dessert
I. “I’m only a baker, My Lord.” (For Mitsuhide)
II. Follow orders. (For Nobunaga)

I. “Of course I do.” (For Mitsuhide)
II. “That’s right.” (For Nobunaga)

Episode 3: Mercy and Kindness
I. “I’m afraid of heights!” (For Nobunaga)
II. “It’s too dangerous!” (For Mitsuhide)

I. Run! Just run! (For Mitsuhide)
II. I’m too scared to run! (For Nobunaga)

February 8, 2016
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