[Samurai Love Ballad: PARTY] Kakizaki Kageie Main Story Guide

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(Please take into consideration that I haven’t completed this route using this guide, but these answers should be correct. If they are not, please feel free to let me know so that it can be corrected.)

Episode 1: The Castle Forbidden to Women
II. Bow and wait.
I. “I was unable to perform my duties…”

Episode 2: Disquieting Eyes
II. “I’m so sorry!”
II. “I’m sorry for not joining you.”

Episode 3: Moving Out…?
I. “Please don’t tell anyone!”
I. “I couldn’t possibly!”

Episode 4: A Treasure Taken From the Trash
II. “It’s not that bad.”
I. “I’m sorry.”

Episode 5: Conquering the Nights of Mist
I. “Those haven’t been tasted for poison.”
I. “So you don’t get hurt.”

Episode 6: The Lives of Borrowed Things
II. “Are you all right?”
II. Say his name.

Episode 7: The Most Precious Things in All the World
II. “I’m sorry…”
I. Nod.

Episode 8: The Short End of the Stick
II. Ignore him.
II. “Kageie.”

Episode 9: The Betrayal
II. Apologize again.
II. Accept Yoshichi’s kerchief.

Episode 10: The Ravages of Hope
II. “This draws less attention.”
II. “Please, tell me everything you know!”

Episode 11: A Living Soul (Divine End)
No selection

Episode 11: A Short Nap (Nobel End)
No selection

Episode 11: Family (Cherished End)
No selection

No selection

June 11, 2020
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