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Alrighty! So since I’m going to be posting My Forged Wedding: PARTY Main Story guides and, soon, Prince Glenn’s Main Story guide for when he’s released in Be My Princess: PARTY, I’ve added a new page, Voltage Inc. Guides, under the Otome Games tab on the Manu specifically to link to all Voltage Inc. guides that I post. Since most of my focus is on the PARTY games at the moment, that’s what it’ll have for the time being.

I’m also going to try something where I put event guides on there first so that I can get it up faster than having to wait until I finish up the Event Info posts to get it posted. The guide will still be in a table format, the same way as it looks like at the bottom of the Event Info posts. I’ll try to get them up on the page before an event starts, so do check back there when you begin an event! Once the Event Info post is completed and posted, the guide will be replaced with a link to it on the Event Info post.

I’d also like to note that any and all guides that I post on here are either made by me personally or, in the case of PARTY games, are given to me by my PARTY sources. I will never post a guide or walkthrough here taken from someone else or from another blog/forum/etc.. If there is ever a time that I post a guide that is from someone else, proper credit will be given to the person providing the guide as well as a link to their blog/forum/etc. and the link to the guide on the Guide Page will lead to the original post. My reason is mainly due to that I cannot confirm if guides from other sources are legit unless I use them myself, and I typically don’t use guides when playing the app games. I will be happy to link to other guides with confirmation that they work and with the permission of the original guide owner. Until then, though, I will just have my own guides on there.

That’s all I have for now, so hopefully I can get the whole thing with the Event guides to work that way so that people will have access to it as soon as the Event starts instead of hours later. I’ll be happy to take suggestions as to how to make it better!

Happy playing!

December 4, 2014
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