[Samurai Love Ballad: PARTY] Ishida Mitsunari Main Story Guide

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Episode 4: Strange Resemblances
I: “I don’t want to be trouble…”
I: “I really am just worried about her.”

Episode 5: Fated to Fall in Love
I: “Nothing really…”
II. “We wanted to get some sweets…”

Episode 6: In Defense of Rejection
I: “You’re right.”
II: “…”

Episode 7: The Hairpin, Dripping Blood
II. “Be your friend…as a woman?”
I: (Still, I had better not…)

Episode 8: The Imprisoned Scholar
I: “Lord Mitsunari, let me… ”
I: “I’m a cook, that’s how we are.”

Episode 9: Departure
II: Grin like an idiot.
I: “Well, I won’t fall then!”

Episode 10: Creatures of the Moonlight
I: “All you have to do is find it again.”
I: “You’re worried about me?”

Episode 11: To Serve… or Protect
II: (Now is not the time…)
II: “We’ll protect Nagahama.”

Episode 12: The Musk of Old Books
I: “What’re you going to do dressed like that?”
I: “I might be…”

Episode 13: A Day of Eternal Sorrow (Divine End)
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Episode 13: A Vow to the Eternal Sky (Nobel End)
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August 16, 2016
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