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Garen Rework Splash

Old news is old news, Sivir is getting a visual update. And she BADLY needed it. Yes, she looks even more like Xena now! Oh and dat voice. Demacia’s poster boy is also getting a visual update. But expect his to be released earlier than Sivir’s (maybe?).  We’ve only been given teases and peeks at Sivir, but Garen looks about finished. What’s up with his hair though? Looks like he’s falling prey to the teen trends these days. All but his Steel Legion skin have been updated, seeing as that one is already up to current grafix and stuffs. Up next on the list for VU’s are Sion, Eve and others. You know what, we might see Sivir’s VU out before Garen. She definitely needed it more than him. Proof? Someone brought up an argument on how other champions needed a VU more than Garen did. Here’s the response:

I’ll address this. We have to space out our champions from High-Risk to Low-Risk. If you’ve seen what we did at PAX, we’ve revealed Sivir, but we were honest in saying she wasn’t next. All the champions you’ve mentioned are high-risk, with maybe the exception of Nasus.

Garen is Low-Risk and high reward. Not our worst executed champion, but of tremendous player value in how common/approachable/archetypal he is.

He was relatively “low cost” for how much value he’ll bring to players.

Sion, Eve, etc, are all on the List. Sivir is coming up soon, but she also, was high-risk, requiring a lot of ideation.

I can non-hyperboilicly say that he’s really epic in his execution and it’s a well deserved VU.

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Sivir Rework

Forecast Janna

Forecast Janna is now live! And yes, I’ve bought her already. I’ve enjoyed the normals I’ve played so far (even though I’ve lost all of them) and she can be a bit distracting. Is that a bad thing? Of course not. This skin is well worth the Legendary title and 1820 RP (q_Q I’m broke now- that’s about $20 worth of RP if you currently have nada, zero).

Forecast Janna 2 Forecast Janna 1 Forecast Janna 3

Viktor’s new skin is now live on PBE, named Creator Viktor. Is that a Battlecast skin for Kog’Maw? In the foreseeable future probably. And way in the back? Kha? Anivia? Baron?!  And that’s Skarner under Cho. ;) The skin costs 1350 RP on the PBE server.

Creator Viktor

September 5, 2013
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