Ota Kisaki General Review

Ota Kisaki (24) is a worldwide famous, multidisciplinary “Angelic Artist”, high fashion model and an idol of talent.

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Ota Kisaki is, without a doubt, a metrosexual man, and is one of the most feminine men ever drawn by Voltage Inc. He has a flawless beauty together with his hands capable of every sorts of arts and as a result, is very famous and popular among women from all over.

Mitsunari Baba, who is a thief and the originator of the black market auction, is a big fan of his and that’s the way Kisaki finds his way in the auctions. Getting stuck in a lifetime of this is not very productive, though he accepts this chance just to “kill time” while being the competent eye for determining any possible counterfeits are not set on the auctions.

Ota Kisaki is indeed a person with a “dirty mind” and fetishistic manners. Although, in front of the cameras he hides his true personality and soul by wearing his phony, “angelic smile”. He is known as the “angelic artist”, though that is not the real situation and there is a serious identity crisis about this “arts genius”. However, considering being a genius is something high up the ladder, something not all of the people in the world can experience, this situation really makes his characteristic quite “interesting” while succeeding its main aim by making him seem rather “terrifying” as well.

Being a “sick-minded” and “fetishistic” person who is “bored” with his life, Ota doesn’t hesitate in paying $20 million for buying the new “toy” he came across during the auction. In his routes, he is usually observed “playing” with his “new toy” by referring to “her” as “Koro”, treating her as the dog he used to have as a child that died years ago. While not harming her in any physical way, he insults her and her feelings, assuming her as if she was a dog without purpose (or on purpose; who knows?).

Art being the main love of his life, he had been discovered at a young age for his talents by his mentor, however, they part ways some time thereafter. Why and how their further relationships develop, what kind of an image Kisaki has in media other than being the “angelic artist”, how he is influenced by the MC and how he uses this influence for his new pieces and what kind of issues he has to overcome during production period, challenges his relationships with the other artists. These subject matters are pointed out through his walkthroughs, other than his “master-pet” relationship.

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Ota’s routes are written well, as they focus on the life of an artist. They are also fun, however, not seriously stirring and stressful. Even though you get excited from time to time about what will happen next and how Ota will react and manage the issues on hand, you don’t frequently feel your heart throb.

He is so beautifully, cute and well drawn that you basically can not keep yourself from playing his route.

December 25, 2014
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