Order of the Lotus Karma, Viktor TU, Soraka Rework

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Order of the Lotus Karma NOW AVAILABLE!!
Order of the Lotus Karma – 975 RP
Order of the Lotus Karma

Order of the Lotus Karma Poses

Sa elesia, tera vi… Karma players, rejoice!

Our Ionian lady has arrived to the fight in a new pink, green and gold outfit representing the Order of the Lotus. Here’s what’s changed for this skin from her base:

New model with pink skirt, green pants and details, & gold armor
New effects that are bright pink and gold, showcasing the glory of the Lotus
New recall where she does an elegant fan-dance, complete with thematic sounds
As players who get the first look at this in-progress skin, it would be wonderful to hear your thoughts and feelings on her! The feedback and bugs you leave here will help us get a better idea of things we may still have to take a look at. (totally copypasta’d this line I admit it)

Note: we are aware there will be a bit of clipping (pieces of her model moving unnaturally through other pieces during animations) and will be fixing it soon. :)

GG WP Time to play more Karma~


Auto 1




Mantra W

W Snare

Mantra E

R1 Mantra

Mantra R

Mantra R2
Viktor Texture Update
*Viktor is now on PBE. Check out this post for a closer look Viktor Texture and Gameplay Update.

Viktor New Loading

Full Resolution

Viktor New Splash

Ability Icons

Soraka Rework

PASSIVE: Luminary
Salvation: Soraka gains 70% bonus movement speed when running towards allies who are below 40% heath.
Touch of the Cosmos: 20% of Soraka’s Bonus Magic Resist and Bonus Armor is replaced by ability power. (1 AP for each point of Armor or Magist Resist)
Q: Starcall
Calls down a star at target location. Enemies standing in the explosion radius take 70/110/150/190/230 (+.35 AP) magic damage.


Celstine Q1
Enemies standing in the center take 150% damage and are slowed by 20/25/30/35/40% for 2 seconds.
W: Astral Infusion
Active: Restores 110/140/170/200/230 (+.6 AP) Health to target ally. Cannot be cast if Soraka is below 5% Health.
Passive: Each enemy champion hit by Starcall heals Soraka for 20/30/40/50/60-40/60/80/100/120 (+.4 AP) (Based on % Missing HP)
E: Equinox
Creates a zone at target location for 1.5 seconds. Enemies standing in the zone are silenced until they leave. When the zone disappears, all enemies still standing on the zone are rooted for 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2 second(s).

E Snare

Celstine E

Celstine E Snare
R: Wish
Calls upon Divine powers to restore 150/250/350 (+.55 AP) Health to all allied Champions. Wish’s power is increased by 50% on each Champion below 40% Health.

September 9, 2014
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