(Updated #1) My Forged Wedding: PARTY New Event: 1 Month Love Anniversary

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Update: For those looking for information about this event, I made a new post: My Forged Wedding: PARTY ~1 Month Anniversary Event Info~ .


Quick post is quick! First time posting for a new My Forged Wedding: PARTY event with a title change, so here we go! Like I’ve mentioned before,  these posts won’t be as detailed as the ones for Be My Princess for GREE, so please bear with me! At the very least, knowing that a new event is in the works will give time to save what you need to get through the event.

It still seems to be pretty early in the works, so there’s not much I can confirm on what we can expect to see other than whose routes will be available, but here’s what I know so far:

  • Yamato, Ren, and Saeki will be available.
  • They will each have four stages.
  • Each stage will have five episodes.
  • They will each have two endings: A Normal End and a Happy End.
  • They will each have an Epilogue.

Update #1:

There still isn’t much I know about the event, but here’s what I’ve gotten since I first posted this:

  • The event will begin soon. My guess is either as soon as the Mushroom House Reform Campaign ends or right before.
  • There will be a Make-up Battle.
  • There will be a Stamp Sheet.
    • There will be Early Clear Bonuses. Deadlines for them are 9/13 for 1 Happy End and 9/16 for two Happy Ends.
    • Clearing both endings for each route will get you the Epilogue for the respective route (going by the Japanese version).
  • Going by previous events, clearing all endings will get you a background.
    • You will get the background previously seen in the 9/5 survey marked as #2 (pink walkway, pink flowers, fountain in the background) for completing all endings, I believe.

Again, it seems to still be in the early stages of work. I will try to update more details as they are given to me, though I will not be able to give an exact date for when the event begins or ends. Once it does, though, I will try to make an event post for it.

[Early] Good luck to everyone who will participate in this event!

Happy playing!

September 7, 2014
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