New Orianna Splash Art, Shurima Wards, Updated Lore

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New wards on PBE, Orianna has a new splash art, plus, new lores were added to some champions for the Shurima event.

**Orianna has a new splash art up on PBE!
Orianna Portrain New

Orianna New Loading



Amumu and Rammus wards for everyone!
  Ascension WardAmumu WardRammus Ward

Armordillo Ward
Armordillo Ward

Sad Mummy Ward
Sad Mummy Ward

Sun Disc Ward
Sun Disc Ward
Certain champions’ lores have been updated to go along with the upcoming Shurima event. Those include: Ezreal, Sivir, Rammus, Nasus, Skarner, Renekton and Amumu. Below are screenshots from the lores in the PBE client.

Xerath LoreSkarner New LoreSivir LoreRenekton LoreRammus LoreNasus LoreAmumu Lore

Orianna New Spalsh Art


August 30, 2014
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