[My Forged Wedding: PARTY] Yamato’s Season 2 Coming Soon and Main Story Xmas Campaign Now Available

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Season 2 is coming, and Yamato is first up!

Earlier, Yamato’s Season 2 was announced in My Forged Wedding: PARTY and is expected to be released on December 15th 2014.

A special “preview” of his Season 2 story is available to those who have completed his Season 1 story. I say “preview”, but it’s more like a recap of what’s happened in the relationship between Yamato and the heroine leading up to Season 2, so unless you haven’t played his Season 1 story yet, you’re not missing out on much.


*There seems to be a bug of some sort that may not allow users to see this campaign. I have sent an inquiry to Voltage Inc. regarding this, but if you are unable to see the banner from the Season 2 promo page, do send your own inquiry to Voltage Inc. as well.

Also, a Main Story Xmas Campaign is now available in celebration of Yamato’s Season 2 upcoming release.


The prize this time is the Merry Christmas frame w/ Yamato background (Charm: 150).

There are two options to get this prize.

  • Option 1: Complete 1 Super Happy Ending of Yamato’s Main Story between November 28th 7:00am and December 12th 7:00am(UTC)
  • Option 2: Complete 1 Super Happy Ending of Yamato Season 2 between the date of release and  December 24th 7:00am(UTC)

If you have completed 1 Super Happy Ending of Yamato’s Main Story prior to November 28th, you will not be eligible for the Christmas background.

The Merry Christmas frame w/ Yamato background is expected to be sent to your Gift Box at a later date.

Also available to help you complete the campaign are two Item sets.

Christmas w/Yamato Premium Set


The set contents include

  • Love Pass x 20
  • Cooking Lesson (1000) x 3
  • Closet (5 Slots)

for the reduced price of 1800 Coin (originally 2025 Coin).

Mini Christmas w/Yamato Set


The set contents include

  • Cooking Lesson (1000)
  • Aroma Massage (100UP)
  • Love Pass x 10
  • Closet (5 Slots)

for the reduced price of 800 Coin (originally 925 Coin).

Happy playing!

November 28, 2014
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