[My Forged Wedding: PARTY] Ren Shibasaki Season 1 Main Story Guide

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Notes about Endings:

The ending you get is not affected by the type of story you choose during the Avatar Missions. Choosing to take the Normal Route will not make it harder or impossible for you to reach the Super Happy End.

The amount of Chemistry you have, which you get by making choices during the Main Story and through raising your Charm, determines what ending you will get.

Chemistry values needed for each ending are

  • Super Happy End: 300 points or more
  • Happy End: 280 points or more
  • Normal End: 279 points or less

Choosing the right answer will give you 10 Chemistry. The other answer will give you 5 Chemistry. During Double Chemistry Fever, you will be given 20 Chemistry for the right answer and 10 Chemistry for the other answer.

You will not be able to get the Super Happy End on making the right choices alone (unless you play the story during Double Chemistry Fever). Choosing all the right answers will only give you a total of 280 points, so you need to have at least 20 Chemistry from raising your Charm so that you can reach the 300 points needed for the Super Happy End.

Episode 1: A Foreign Fiance?!
A: “Don’t be rude to Ren.”
B: “I have a request.”

Episode 2: A Dangerous Wedding Night
A: “Can I look inside your fridge?”
B: “I’ll sleep on the living room sofa.”

Episode 3: First Time at a Supermarket
A: “Are you sure you want me working here?”
A: “You need to have a balanced diet.”

Episode 4: My Rival is a Butler?!
A: “I’m so glad you came back.”
A: “Don’t worry about it.”

Episode 5: My Husband Wears a Lab Coat
A: “Yes, of course.”
A: “Would it be alright if I went?”

Episode 6: The Prince’s True Self
A: “You don’t know anything about Ren.”
A: “Aren’t you tired of your sleeping bag?”

Episode 7: First Date at the Zoo
B: “Are you going to the lab today?”
B: “Why did you get this?”

Episode 8: Ren’s Secret
A: “It’s all thanks to you, Ren.”
A: “You should go see her.”

Episode 9: A Place Just for Us
B: “I’m glad you came home.”
A: “I’m glad we can tell my uncle.”

Episode 10: To His Birthplace
A: “Unfortunately…”
A: “Alright, bring it on.”

Episode 11: A Sudden Goodbye
A: “No…”
A: “How does Ren really feel?”

Episode 12: Lonely Bedroom
A: “Of course!”
B: “I’m sorry…”

Episode 13: A Final Return to Memories
A: “I missed you too.”
B: “Isn’t that ring special to you?”

Episode 14: Ren’s Decision
A: “Let’s go back to your country.”
B: “Thank you.”

Episode 15: Happy Wedding (Super Happy End)
No selection

Episode 15: Happy Wedding (Happy End)
No selection

Episode 15: Deepening Bond (Normal End)
No selection

Epilogue: Together Forever
No selection

February 10, 2015
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