[My Forged Wedding: PARTY] Mythical Goddess Fashion Gacha Now Available

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The Movie Star Fashion Gacha will be open until November 5th, 7:00 A.M. (UTC).

As with all Fashion Gachas, the first spin is free to play and every spin after costs 3 Gacha Medals. There are ten avatar items in the gacha to win, including one special background. Item probabilities are 97% for Normal and 3% for Special.


Item prizes include:

  • Mythical Flower Accessory (Charm: 90)
  • Mythical Sceptre (Charm: 90)
  • Mythical Owl (Charm: 110)
  • Mythical Athena Hair (Charm: 120)
  • Mythical Aphrodite Hair (Charm: 120)
  • Mythical Hera Hair (Charm: 130)
  • Mythical Hera Dress (Charm: 160)
  • Mythical Aphrodite Dress (Charm: 160)
  • Mythical Athena Outfit (Charm: 200)
  • Mythical Temple Background (Charm: 300)

All collected items together total out to 1200 Charm.

Also available is a Gacha Medal item set sale until  November 5th 7:00 A.M. (UTC) allowing you to save up to 17% on Coin. Set items available are:

  • The Mythical Goddess 30 Gacha Medal Set, which comes with Gacha Medal x 30 and Closet (10 Slots), for the price of 2700 Coin.
  • The Mythical Goddess 15 Gacha Medal Set with Limited Avatar, which comes with Gacha Medal x 15, Closet (1 Slot), and a Mythical Eyes avatar item (Charm: 120), for the price of 1500 Coin.
  • The Mythical Goddess Trial Gacha Set, which comes with Gacha Medal x 3, for the reduced price of 250 Coin (originally 300 Coin).

Each set is limited to only one per person.

Happy playing!

October 29, 2015
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