[Love 365] Voltage Inc. to Release マスカレード・キス~危険な駆け引き~ in English

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Update 11/2/18: Masquerade Kiss will be released as Love Choice.

My name, my job — it’s all a lie.

But this love is real.

I’m an elite secret agent, tasked with uncovering corruption.

My latest target is a scoundrel of the worst kind.

He’s barely a hair’s breadth from me, his hand slowly undoing my zipper. His fingers are dangerously close to the wire tap hidden in my lingerie…

“You think you can take me? Go ahead, try.”

Something is about to be exposed. Is it my identity?

…Or is it this burgeoning love?

Whereas I was here hoping for 涙色のキセキ to be the next title, it looks like Voltage is skipping to this one. I’m told that the title of the English release will be Masquerade Kiss.

The obtainable cast include:

  • Kazuomi Shido (33), American, Leo, Type O, the Charismatic King, net worth of 79-billion USD, third richest person in the world
  • Yuzuru Shiba (32), Japanese, Pisces, Type A, cold and impassive, founder and CEO of a world-renowned IT firm, called the 21st century’s Edison
  • Kei Soejima (35), ???, Gemini, Type AB, a twisted English gentleman, his powers of diplomacy are second to none

No word yet on whether or not the Main Stories will be Love Choice, but I’m anxious to find out. If Voltage follows their JP counterpart and stops releasing Main Stories as P2P, that defeats the purpose of the Monthly Pass for longtime players who already own everything they want. Looks like we’ll have to wait and see.

Update 11/2/18: Masquerade Kiss will be released as a Love Choice title. Love Choice is a mechanic implemented into Love 365 to allow players to play a story for free. Mechanics consist of:

  • You are limited to playing only one chapter for a set amount of time before you are allowed to play the next chapter (for Masquerade Kiss, this does not seem to be the case as the description says “Use Hearts to read without wait times”)
  • You are also given a premium choice when asked to make a selection, which uses Hearts and are needed to raise the story’s Love Meter
  • Choosing the premium choices unlocks “sweeter, more intimate” special scenes of the story
  • While not all premium choices might need to be made to reach the Super Happy Ending, it is only possible to reach the Super Happy Ending by making the premium choices and using Hearts
  • Hearts can only be acquired by reading stories, through the Login Bonus, or by buying them with real-life currency

Going by Voltage’s recent track record, we can expect to see a sneak peek of the title in one of the upcoming V.I.P. Room updates. As to when we’ll be getting that update, I haven’t been told. But here’s something for V.I.P. members to look forward to in the coming months!

Happy playing!

October 4, 2018
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