T&R: My Forged Wedding: PARTY ~My Social Gaming Nightmare: Event Edition~

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Because as if this game wasn’t already nightmarish enough, it got even worse.

If you’ve read my previous T&R on My Forged Wedding: PARTY, you’d remember that there were a few things that really irked me when I did an initial trial run of the game. Most specifically was the fact that we don’t get to register accounts like we were able to on the GREE platform, pretty much having us hanging by a string that is Transfer ID’s (along with other conditions, but ugh I don’t want to go back to that). Again, no account.

Despite my initial frustrations with the game system, I decided that I would continue to play it. My Forged Wedding is a story that has held a special place in my heart ever since it was first released on Android, and I figured that I’d be able to overlook the problems long enough to enjoy My Forged Wedding: PARTY.

And I did.

For the majority of the time that I played, it felt more like I was playing Be My Princess for GREE. The events and campaigns, though rolling out one right after another, kept me playing every day. The event stories were entertaining, and I didn’t have much problems full-clearing them. It was very reminiscent of playing Be My Princess for GREE, save for the fact that Closet and Warehouse spaces were not part to the usual Gacha prizes in the events. I figured that that was fine, I’ll spend money on that. Though the events were pretty stress-inducing, it was never worse than with Be My Princess for GREE events. That may have been because there were initially only ever three routes at most released in the events, but I was happy for that.


Back-to-Back Events

Like with Be My Princess for GREE, I would be exhausted from playing an event and would want to go days without playing. Unfortunately, the next event/campaign would be released within the next 12-24 hours after the previous event/campaign ended, thus making it almost impossible to get a break or play the Main Story unless there was a Main Story campaign.

Let’s get some dates up here:

7/7-7/16 Hawaiian Resort House Reform Campaign
7/16-7/24 Yamato’s Birthday Event
7/31-8/11 Secret Love Island Event
8/11-8/20 Neon Bar House Reform Campaign
*8/18(?)-8/31 Summer Love Festival Event
8/31-9/10 Mushroom House Reform Campaign
9/11-9/22 1 Month Anniversary Event
9/22-9/30 Love Pass Campaign
9/30-10/10 Candy House Reform Campaign
10/10-10/22 Halloween Love Panic! Event
10/23-10/29 Secret Heart Event
10/29-11/11 Wine Tour Rendezvous Event

*(event seems to have started on the 20th, but Login says 18th)

. . . .

This is not including other Main Story campaigns, such as route release campaigns and like the current Thanksgiving Campaign.

Except for that one gap between Yamato’s Birthday Event and the Secret Love Island Event, there has literally been less than a day between events and campaigns. And I say “less than a day” because all of those events started in the evening of the day the previous event ended in my timezone.

How the heck are we supposed to keep up with that unless we have 24/7 free time? Not only have I been exhausted to the point that it honestly feels like a chore to tap Resume Romance, but I don’t even have time to play the routes I paid for in the Android versions of the games. I have a continually growing backlog of them, and I can’t bring myself to start a route without the fear that once I do, I’ll be too busy juggling that one and 80%-90% of my time on My Forged Wedding: PARTY, resulting in me not even remembering wtf is going on in the route I paid for.

Oh, but that’s not the worst part yet. This wouldn’t be so much of a problem if it weren’t for…

Ridiculously High Point/Stat Requirements

Okay, so the first few events were okay. Obviously it took a lot of effort to full-clear them, but it was manageable. Every now and then I’d have to buy an Item Set for an event (read: two), but that wasn’t much of a bother since I was still able to full-clear.

But that only lasted up until the Candy House Reform Campaign. (Let’s forget about the Love Pass Campaign wanting us to use 100 Love Passes. HA!)

Unlike before with the Hawaiian Resort, Neon Bar, and Mushroom House Reform Campaigns, the Candy House required that we collect more points than before to collect all items.


While it’s obvious that the amount of points needed was going up, the Candy House’s was ridiculously high. I thought the Mushroom House’s was rather high, but I had to power through for that Yamato story. But 1045pts? Really? I really wanted to complete that Halloween Night House, too, but no amount of time and money I had on me would help me to complete it.

Needless to say, I didn’t. And I was mad about it. But I felt like I couldn’t really be upset about it because I had given up the moment I saw “1045pt” on there.

Oh, but the Halloween event was coming, so I figured I should put it all behind me and enjoy the event once it was released.



If you read maddiesome’s reply to that, she needed about 230k Affection to full-clear the event. I have never even reached near 200k Affection before. At that time, I had reached Stage 3 of my third route and needed to clear the mission after Episode 1, which was asking for 100,900 Affection. I only had 81,918 Affection.

And I wasn’t just seeing things or anything when I asked about the Affection Mission difficulty being harder. I went back to the 1 Month Anniversary Event since it also had an Affection Mission after Episode 1 of Stage 3.

One major difference between the two events, though, is that while the 1 Month Anniversary Event had only three routes, the Halloween Love Panic! Event had four. You would think that the Affection Mission requirements would be reduced in each route to accommodate the addition of another route, right?



I knew something was up with the Affection Missions, but to actually see it? Wow. No.

I tried to clear that 100k Affection Mission, but I was only able to raise around 2k Affection before I realized that I was using a ridiculous amount of Stamina items on the event at that point. Maddiesome was kind enough to offer to add me as an Event Mate, which would help me to clear that last 16k I needed. I was able to clear my third route as well as those three Normal Endings to get the Epilogues, and I honestly can’t thank her enough for it (the Affection Missions aren’t as ruthless when you play a route a second time). I honestly don’t think I would have finished those three routes by the end of the event. Luckily enough for me, I don’t really much care for Kunihiko as a route. Don’t get me wrong, I love him as the heroine’s uncle, but not so much as a romantic interest. Because there was a bit of extra time before the event ended, though, I thought, “Why not?” and went ahead and started his route to see how far I could get.



Not very far, apparently.

The Secret Heart Event, even only having two routes, still had ruthless Affection Missions. While the 1 Month Anniversary Event had a 56,000 Affection requirement after Stage 4 Episode 3 of my second route, the Secret Heart Event had a 80,000 Affection requirement after Stage 4 Episode 2.

But you might think that that sounds reasonable considering that the Secret Heart Event only had two routes, right?

Yamato’s Birthday Event only had two routes, with the second route asking only for 51,000 Affection after Stage 4 Episode 3. Let that sink in.

Needless to say, again, I was not able to full-clear.

So, now what?

mfwp-eiI’d be lying if I said I was going to quit completely after that. I mean, the fact that I wouldn’t even pass that last 80k Affection Mission shows just how exhausted I am of these events now. Seriously, what’s the point in me even trying to full-clear, or even half-clear, if I can’t do it and I still physically and mentally run myself tired? Heck, the only reason I was able to do this post is because I haven’t even so much bothered with the Wine Tour Event, which has five routes.

And that ended up being a good thing for me right now because not only am I exhausted and my morale sunken, but the cold weather is already bringing sickness, and it looks like I’m also beginning to come down with something. I can barely even go a day without wanting to fall asleep every two hours because I’m tired or because of headaches. And to be quite honest, it’s a relief to not have to worry about full-clearing the event.

I’ll continue to play the events, but I’ve already quit on trying to full-clear them. At this point, I’m going to save all my Stamina items for an event I really want to full-clear and just enjoy what I can for everything else for the time being. No amount of time and money that I’ll ever have on me will be able to help me full-clear them at this point (or are even worth the stress that they give me), and I honestly would rather save that money for other things. Things I can actually enjoy.

At least until Be My Princess: PARTY is released, though I’ll probably play that casually, too. Until the events start being released.

Then it looks like I’m really screwed, and I’ll have to say “goodbye” to My Forged Wedding: PARTY as anything but a casual game and rely solely on my sources to get the stories for me. (And possibly have to do the same thing to Be My Princess: PARTY if it does end up being just as difficult, if not more so.)

All in all, I had to remind myself that these games should be enjoyable. The event stories are enjoyable. The event system is not. Not to me, and not to my wallet.

November 8, 2014
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