League of Legends PBE Update – 04/08/15

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Risen Fiddlesticks
Risen Fiddlesticks is now sporting a new head piece.

BEFORE 04/07
Risen Fiddlesticks Poses
NOW 04/08
Risen Fiddlesticks II

Risen Fiddlesticks Poses I
Blood Moon Zilean
Blood Moon Zilean has his own recall!
Blood Moon Zilean Recall

Lux ends the TR cycle, with all her skins receiving updates.

Lux I

Lux Poses
Steel Legion Lux
Steel Legion Lux I

Steel Legion Lux Poses
Imperial Lux
Imperial Lux I

Imperial Lux Poses
Spellthief Lux
Spellthief Lux I

Spellthief Lux Poses
Commando Lux
Commando Lux I

Commando Lux Poses
Sorceress Lux
Sorceress Lux I

Sorceress Lux Poses
Poppy received a TR on the remainder of her skins.
Scarlet Hammer Poppy
Scarlet Hammer Poppy I

Scarlet Hammer Poppy Poses
Ragdoll Poppy
Ragdoll Poppy I

Ragdoll Poppy Poses
Teemo’s shroom has been tweaked from yesterday’s update. In my opinion, the previous update was much better. D:
BEFORE 04/07
Teemo R
NOW 04/08
Teemo R II

April 8, 2015
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