(Updated) Kunihiko Now Available with Campaign and Gacha in My Forged Wedding: PARTY

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Kunihiko Aikawa is now available to play in My Forged Wedding: PARTY.

Along with his release is a Campaign and a Fashion Gacha.

kuni-campaign-avaWhen you choose to play Kuni’s Main Story, you will receive a limited Mini Kuni on the Ball avatar item if you complete Episode 10 Unseen Feelings by September 12th, 7:00 A.M. (UTC). The avatar item will be sent to your gift box in the end of September.

Also, you will get 15 Mushroom Points for the Mushroom House Reform Campaign every time you complete a mission while playing Kuni’s Main Story, giving you an advantage for completing the Mushroom House Reform Campaign.

To help complete Kuni’s route faster, there is now a special item set, Kunihiko Start Special Set, now on sale. With set contents worth 2075 Coin, you will get Love Pass x 20, Aroma Massage (100 UP) x3, Cooking Lesson (Up 1000 Points), Closet (5 Slots), and Colorful Mushroom (Up 10 Points) for the discount price of 1700 Coin. Once purchased, you can find it in the Set Items section of your Items menu. Once used, the contents will then be found in your Gift Box. Only one set is available per user and is available until September 12th 7:00 A.M. (UTC).

Update 9/10: The Mushroom House Reform Campaign has ended, therefore you will no longer be able to receive Mushroom Points from playing his story. However, you will now be eligible to receive Kuni’s Gift 1 Set Item when you complete any character’s ending by September 30th, 7:00 A.M. (UTC). The set contents include:

  • Love Pass x 5
  • Cooking Lesson (Up 1000 Points)
  • Closet (3 Slots)

Kuni’s Gift 1 will be in your gift box around early October and is only given one per character. There is no indication that you are unable to receive more than one if you complete more than one character’s routes or if you are still eligible if you have completed a route prior to the announcement of Kuni’s Gift 1.

-End Update-


Along with the release of Kuni’s Main Story, Kunihiko’s Birthday Fashion Gacha is now available to play and is open until September 10th, 16:00 (UTC). As with all Fashion Gachas, the first spin is free to play and every spin after costs 3 Gacha Medals. There are five avatar items in the gacha to win, including one special background. Item probabilities are 97% for Normal (hat, hair, dress, cake) and 3% for Special (background).


All collected items together total out to 750 Charm.

Happy playing!

September 1, 2014
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