iRaffer Issues Apology After Ban

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Epsilon eSports and iRaffer have issued apologies after the latter was banned for insulting players and receiving various reports.

It has come to our attention, and without much prior notice or warning, that our Smite player, iRaffer, has received a Ban from playing.
We at Epsilon treat instances like this very seriously, and would in general like the opportunity to act internally, but all this has happened very quickly and was not communicated thoroughly until the situation had already been decided upon.

Obviously this was a shock to both the team and us, the organisation, especially coming as it does in the middle of a very hectic Smite schedule.

However, it has been felt by iRaffer that he wished to make the following statement about the situation:

iRaffer: “I just would like to take this time to publicly apologise to anybody that I may have insulted whether it was in a ranked game or casual. It was not my intention to insult you and it was nothing personal. I honestly just take this game too serious even when I’m queuing casual. I have read the report logs that have been filed against me and as harshly as I think HiRez actioned against this, I understand because i was no saint when I started playing Smite. I appreciate all the support that my friends and fans have given me throughout this whole process and I’m sorry I let you guys down like this. I’m really sorry to my team that I have let down at the most crucial point in our careers with all the upcoming events and tournaments coming up. And lastly I’d like to thank Epsilon for helping me through these rough times, I’ve had alot of IRL problems recently and they have stuck by me to try and muscle out of this predicament and rally onwards.

Just to note. All of these reports were from the last 2 months and was not 1 instance was from what happened with the incident on reddit. So don’t hate on whoever made this topic.

Thanks for taking your time to read this and i hope you don’t think any lesser of myself or my team mates.”

We would like to draw a line under this for the time being and look forward to more great matches of Smite from the team coming up soon.


June 11, 2015
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