Her Love in the Force Week Fan-Event to Take Off on Tumblr

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In light of Her Love in the Fore’s lack of updates since April of this year, fans on Tumblr have decided to show their love and support for the game during what has been called Her Love in the Force Week. Between December 7th and December 13th, HLitF fans are encouraged to post reviews, fanart, fanfiction, and anything related to the game. Fans are also encouraged to Like, Reblog, and Comment on posts. Fans on other social media platforms are welcome to participate outside of Tumblr.

To help with inspiration and ideas, themes have been scheduled for each day of the week, such as Bonsai Day, The Bodyguards, Seasons, The Memories, and others, but do not need to be followed. Activities will also be available during the week, with Confessions currently open on the main Tumblr page.

Along with everything above, the event also encourages fans to fill out in-game surveys showing your support in the “additional requests” field that allows you to type, rating the game on Google Play and the App Store especially in the U.S., Singapore, and Canada, and sending e-mails straight to Voltage Inc.

Her Love in the Force Week hopes to spread the love and support of the game and, hopefully, to show Voltage Inc. that the game is worth being continued instead of suffering the fate of previously discontinued games.

Read more about or participate in the event:
Check out and follow the event Tumblr: http://hlitfweek.tumblr.com/
Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/498600496978363/

November 22, 2015
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