Flight Rising Update 1-20-15

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A new update comes to Flight Rising, bringing with it some cute new familiars and new armor to match your jewels from the recent updates! First, the new Melprin and and Roundhorn Melprin familiars. These little guys can be found in the gem marketplace for purchase!

Next, we have the new Filigree Banners. The Burnished, Ebony, Gold, and Iron banners are available in the treasure marketplace, while the Alabaster is available through the gem marketplace, and Copper is an exclusive drop to the Golem Workshop.

All of these banners appear about the same, aside from color. Below is a preview of the Ebony Filigree Banner on all dragon types and genders.

A final item related update is that Swipp now includes skins in his collection of things that he will swap for. Bring all the required items, and these skins could be yours!

Lastly, there are a few smaller things to note:

  • The item caption contest has ended!
  • Scrying Workshop Menu, Pinkerton’s Pile, and the Custom Skins pages have been ported to the www1 url. If you experience odd image placement on these pages after the change, please clear your cache to resolve the issue.

    So get out there and enjoy the new armor and familiars! Hopefully there will be a registration window soon for those of you looking to join the Flight Rising community.

    January 21, 2015
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