Flight Rising Content Update 1/9/15

okapi gene
Flight Rising has received another update which includes a new Tertiary Gene for your dragons! This new gene is called “Okapi” and gives dragons “beautiful striped hides”. More information can be found here.
A few smaller, additional updates include:

  • The Cycled-Out Items article in the encyclopedia has had Night of the Nocturne and seasonal event items added to its directory.
  • The Boreal Wood venue article has been updated to include the newest morganite flourish jewelry uncommon venue drops.
  • The Kelp Beds venue article in the encyclopedia has been updated to include the Mantarune, Wavesweeper, and their commonly dropped unique items.
  • Mantarune and Wavesweeper had the runes on their heads changed to reflect the monster’s elemental type, replacing the existing runes. This change was made because the original runes bore an inadvertent resemblance to an existing logo.
  • The Golem Workshop coliseum venue has had additional uncommon drops added.

In other Flight Rising news, an Item Caption Contest is being held! For those FR enthusiasts who are also writers, they want you to take the below items and create a unique tooltip (what you see when you scroll over the item). Prizes include being credited in the tooltip, a copy of the item they wrote for, a writer vista, and 1000 gems!


January 9, 2015
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