Dragonslayer Pantheon/Riot Ward Skin Giveaway

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As the image says, it’s giveaway time! 4 codes available, 2 Riot Ward Skins and 2 Pantheon Dragonslayer skins (the codes comes with the champion as well). Just fill in the comment box below with your League of Legends IGN and which prize you want, either “Riot Ward Skin” or “Dragonslayer Pantheon.” If you win, I will e-mail you the code with the prize you chose.

4 winners will be chosen on Thursday, July 10, 2014. I will send out the codes early in the morning, so please make sure to check your e-mail and use the codes because they expire on the 11th!

Dragonslayer Pantheon should work for all, or most, regions. Riot Ward Skin is for NA server (you can check otherwise). 

Last chance to enter is tomorrow night, July 9, 2014 (Wednesday) at 11:59pm Central US time.

Good luck!!!

P.S I will be constantly checking and approving all comments relating to the giveaway on this post.


July 8, 2014
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