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The Anniversary Party Town Event period is from October 30th 8:00 (UTC) to November 6th 7:59 (UTC). Please be aware that you must complete the Common Route before you can take part in the event.



As you read the Main Story and go on Secret Dates during the event, you can receive

  • 10 Tiaras for every Love Pass that you use
  • 20 Tiaras for every Story Level you gain
  • 30 Tiaras for every Sweet Avatar/Missions you clear
  • 20 Tiaras for every Normal Avatar Mission you clear
  • 70 Tiaras for achieving a Secret Happy Ending
  • 50 Tiaras for achieving a Happy or Normal Ending
  • 10 Tiaras for every successful Secret Date
  • 30 Tiaras for each Town Spot that you Grade Up
  • 10 Tiaras for every 5 Travel Dates

If you collect more than 4000 Tiaras during the Town Event, you will get a 500 Cruz bonus. In the event of clearing missions and gaining a story level at the same time by finishing an ending, you will not earn Tiaras for using Love Passes. When clearing an ending, you will not earn Tiaras for the last Love Pass used, or for the final Level Up.


Collecting Tiaras will allow you to receive special presents such as Town Items and Avatar Items. In between, you will also receive Cruz, Gems, Closet Space, Hourglasses, and Love Factors for the next Event.

Town Items


As you collect Tiaras, you will receive

  • Love Tiara Sign (Object) when you collect 100, 1200, and 2200 Tiaras
  • Anniversary Road when you collect 150 Tiaras
  • Dresser Shop when you collect 400 Tiaras
  • Crown Gazebo (Object) when you collect 500, 1800, and 3100 Tiaras
  • Anniversary Jewelry Shop when you collect 1400 Tiaras
  • Anniversary Dance Hall when you collect 2800 Tiaras
  • Anniversary Sky when you collect 35000 Tiaras

The Sky and Road will appear in the Scenery Menu in your Town Warehouse, not in your Gift Box. You can use it from the Scenery tab in the Town Menu.

Avatar Items


You will also be able to receive a special outfit set, made up of six avatar items.

You will receive

  • Crystal Pink Heels when you collect 200 Tiaras
  • Pink Pearl Gloves when you collect 1000 Tiaras
  • Pink Pearl Veil when you collect 1700 Tiaras
  • Gorgeous Wink Eyes when you collect 2400 Tiaras
  • Princess Blonde Hair when you collect 3000 Tiaras
  • Coral Party Dress when you collect 3700 Tiaras

Early Clear Bonus


If you collect 2390 Tiaras by November 2nd 7:59 A.M. (UTC), you will get a 1st Anniversary Globe Town Object. Your town will be visited by the Princes if you place it in your Town.



The reward for ranking in the Top 100 by the end of the event is a Coral Ballgown (Charm: 250) avatar item. The prize will be delivered to your Gift Box within a few days after the event ends.

Complete List

Here is the complete list of prizes and the amount of Tiaras needed to receive them:

50 Tiaras FV Ticket:Cruz & RF
100 Tiaras Love Tiara Sign
150 Tiaras Anniversary Road
200 Tiaras Crystal Pink Heels
250 Tiaras Love Factor (100) (1st Anniversary Event)
300 Tiaras 1000 Cruz
400 Tiaras Dresser Shop
500 Tiaras Crown Gazebo
600 Tiaras Love Factor (100) (1st Anniversary Event)
700 Tiaras Closet x 1
800 Tiaras Grade Up Hourglass (5)
900 Tiaras Gem x 1
1000 Tiaras Pink Pearl Gloves
1100 Tiaras Love Factor (300) (1st Anniversary Event)
1200 Tiaras Love Tiara Sign
1300 Tiaras 1000 Cruz
1400 Tiaras Anniversary Jewelry Shop
1500 Tiaras Closet x 1
1600 Tiaras Grade Up Hourglass (10)
1700 Tiaras Love Factor (300) (1st Anniversary Event)
1800 Tiaras Pink Pearl Veil
1900 Tiaras Gem x 1
2000 Tiaras Love Factor (300) (1st Anniversary Event)
2100 Tiaras 1000 Cruz
2200 Tiaras Love Tiara Sign
2300 Tiaras Love Factor (300) (1st Anniversary Event)
2400 Tiaras Gorgeous Wink Eyes
2500 Tiaras Grade Up Hourglass (15)
2600 Tiaras Closet x 1
2700 Tiaras Gem x 1
2800 Tiaras Anniversary Dance Hall
2900 Tiaras Love Factor (300) (1st Anniversary Event)
3000 Tiaras Princess Blonde Hair
3100 Tiaras Crown Gazebo
3200 Tiaras FV Ticket:Cruz & RF
3300 Tiaras Gem x 1
3400 Tiaras Closet x 1
3500 Tiaras Anniversary Sky
3600 Tiaras Love Factor (500) (1st Anniversary Event)
3700 Tiaras Coral Party Dress
3800 Tiaras Love Factor (500) (1st Anniversary Event)
3900 Tiaras Grade Up Hourglass (30)
4000 Tiaras Nobel Michel Castle

That’s all I have for now. I think I managed to squeeze everything in here. OTL If I have missed something, information is out of date, or information needs to be updated, please feel free to let me know and I will do the necessary changes as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments and I will try to answer them the best I can.

Happy playing!

November 5, 2015
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