Be My Princess for GREE Valentine’s Event 2014: What We Already Know

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Update: For those looking for information about the Valentine’s Event, I made a new post: Be My Princess for GREE ~Valentine’s Event 2014 Info~.


Sooooo a couple of events were skipped, but that doesn’t really bother me. I was really enjoying the break in events we were getting! Unfortunately for me, I might have to take another hiatus really soon, so I thought I’d get this at least posted as soon as possible. The clock is pretty much ticking for me at this point!

Anyways, here you go!

  • The event will be from 1/31 to 2/14 at 8:00 A.M. (UTC)
  • No Love Passes will be needed to proceed through the story.
  • All six princes will be available.
    • Each prince will have four stages.
    • Each prince will have two endings: A Normal End and a Happy End.
      • In the Happy End, you will spend it with the Prince.
      • In the Normal End, you will spend it with the Butler.
  • There will be an Chocolate Party.
    • Going to the party will use up 20 Strength.
  • There will also be an Valentine Gacha.
    • Each play will use 500pt after the first free play.
    • The Prince will be able to visit you if you place Special interior items that you get from the gacha in your room. He will not come if you place Normal interior items in your room.
    • There are six (6) Special interior items
    • Normal interior items are statues of the Princes wrapped with a bow of their color (Wilfred’s is blue, Keith’s is green, etc.)
    • Other prizes include
      • Cold Soup
      • Pasta
      • Full Course Meal
      • Handmade Chocolates (+100 Love Factor)
      • Handmade Chocolates (+300 Love Factor)
      • Gacha Card (+300pt)
      • Gacha Card (+400pt)
    • No closet or storage space.
  • You will receive avatar items as completion items for completing the routes.
    • Wilfred
      • Cook Bear (Charm +100) (Happy Ending)
      • Whipped Cream Hair (Charm +150) (Both Endings)
    • Keith
      • Gingham Apron (Charm +100) (Happy Ending)
      • Chocolate Secret Key Crown (Charm +150) (Both Endings)
    • Roberto
      • Cook Hat with Mustache (PFFT) (Charm +100) (Happy Ending)
      • Melted Chocolate Dress (Charm +150) (Both Endings)
    • Glenn
      • Valentine Apron (Charm +100) (Happy Ending)
      • Heart Hair Bun (Charm +150) (Both Endings)
    • Joshua
      • Sweets Spoon (Charm +100) (Happy Ending)
      • Happy Valentine Make Up (Charm +150) (Both Endings)
    • Edward
      • Bandana Hairstyle (Charm +100) (Happy Ending)
      • Heart & Rose Tower (Charm +150) (Both Endings)
    • You can also receive a Lovely kitchen with an oven!! background (Charm +400) when you complete all of the Happy Endings.

I’m hoping my predicament won’t affect me too much, so I’ll try to keep up with the updates and add to this when I can, as well as start up an info post as soon as I can.

January 27, 2014
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