Be My Princess for GREE New Years 2013 Event: What We Already Know

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Update: For those looking for information about the New Years Event, I made a new post Be My Princess for GREE New Years 2013 Event Info.


So as I found out hours ago, Voltage has decided to release the Be My Princes for GREE New Year’s Event . . . . ten days after New Year’s has passed. To be honest, I was REALLY hoping that they were holding this event off until the next New Year’s, and it really looked like it when I had seen the banners were still in Japanese. Lo and behold, they change it while I’m not looking and I’m caught off guard.

So! On to the things we know about the event that will be starting in a little less than eight hours:

  • The event will begin on January 10th 6AM UTC.
    • The GREE application states the end period is on January 22nd 7AM UTC. However, in Voltage Inc.’s announcement of the event, it is stated that the end period is on January 24th 7AM UTC.
  • All six princes will be available.
    • Each prince will have four stages.
  • You will NOT need Love Passes to advance the story.
  • However, this time, you will have some missions to complete the story.
  • Like in the Christmas Event, there will also be a New Year Party and a New Year Gacha.
  • You will receive avatar items as completion items for completing the routes.
    • Wilfred: A table with tiered glasses and a “2013” sign in front
    • Keith: A bun/wave(?) hairstyle
    • Roberto: A table with a chocolate fountain
    • Glenn: A pink tiara with the words “HAPPY NEW YEAR”
    • Joshua: A light pink short, strapless dress
    • Edward: Balloons, with one pink, heart-shaped balloon with the numbers “2013” on it in blue
    • You can also receive a background with a pink building and fireworks. I’m guessing you can get this by completing all Happy Ends of the six princes.
    • All items should total Charm+400
  • Voltage Inc. has also announced that a “big gift will be waiting for you!”

This is all I have for now, so I will begin to type up the Event Info page as soon as I can.

For the time being, let’s just hope that we English speakers aren’t discriminated any more than we are now. We shall not stand for this!


Because it’s not like you need to put any actual work into bringing the games over, amirite?

This is why I don’t participate in the fandom part of fandoms. BLESS YOU, JESSICA! I could really use a break from all these GREE events, too.

January 9, 2013
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