Alone (Raindrops) – FULL VER. [LYRICS]

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Alone (Raindrops)


I have done so far

Lovin’ this man’s soul

I know I could have [1]gone with you

Sing a song all while in love be gone again


When I’m feeling down

I would come to stars

Of off our lie

Seize you

Dream of you

Someday you’ll comeback


Raindrops fall down on me

So cold, but so tendering

Could we put hearts through gathers so

We’re forced of our [2]hearts


Do you think of me

Care for me, I get so

Hollow, Hollow

Traffic [3]rise the [4]grossing crowd

[5]How could I live my life without you


In the morning sun

When I look around

All I feel is the pain inside

Not a story of a brokenhearted soul


Time will slip away

Living pieces of

Little [6]moments of being with you

[7]Shared with you

Someday I’ll move on


Raindrops fall down on me

So cold, but so [8]gently

Would we, put hearts to gathers of

We’re forced of our [2]parts


Will you think of me

Search for me, I’ll be so

Hollow, Hollow

Traffic [3]rides the [4]grossing crowd

How will I live my life without you


List of potential mistakes:

[1] or Grown

[2] Hearts/Parts vice versa

[3] or Writes

[4] or Crossing or Graphic or Grazing

[5] “How could do I live my life without you”

[6] or More omens (?) or Morements (?)

[7] or Shower ((yep..))

[8] Gentering (?)

Azu’s Corner

Here’s the lyrics to one of my favourite insert songs of TG vA! Since the official one isn’t out yet, plus I couldn’t find it anywhere, so I decided to made it! Some most  are probably wrong because I wrote down the lyrics by ear, so it’s not going to be perfect. Some of the pronunciation is not audible so I go with the most common sense and put the most sensible and similar word next to it. Please do help me to perfect the lyrics! So until then…


March 31, 2015
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