【Upcoming Battles】(Feb 9 – Feb 15)

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★ Ultimate Stage『Testament of the Archangel』

Time: Feb 15 (Sun)

Bearing in mind the wishes, saving this chaotic world.

*One-day Exclusive Battle


★ Valentine’s Guild Stage『Forgotten Love』

Time: Feb 8 (Sun) – Feb 14 (Sat)

For those who drinking this wine, shall rather indulgent with their love affairs…


★ Special Event『The Exotic Bird』

Time: Feb 9 (Mon) – Feb 12 (Thur)

Entering a mysterious land by accident, end up discovering the home of strange birds

  • One-off Stage


★ Special Event『Confession of the Goddess』

Time: Feb 13 (Fri) – Feb 14 (Sat)

Summoners, do you want to be confessed by a Goddess on Valentine’s Day!

  • One-off Stage


★ New Event『Time Warp from Xuan-Yuan – Fire』

Time: Feb 9 (Mon) – Feb 22 (Sun)

  • “Nicole the Reincarnated Witch” will raid in the Advanced and Extra stage!


★ New Event『Time Warp from Xuan-Yuan – Water』

Time: Feb 2 (Mon) – Feb 15 (Sun)

  • “Nicole the Reincarnated Witch” will raid in the Advanced and Extra stage!


★ New Event『Dazzle of the Star – Dark』

Time: Feb 2 (Mon) – Feb 15 (Sun)

  • When entering the stages with the corresponding BIGBANG Conjurers in your team, you will have a chance to get into the hidden stage and get the new image form.

  • Power Release element “Stardust Spirit” will raid in the battles.


★ The Return of『Path of Atavism』in guild-exclusive “Black Hole”

Time: Jan 12 (Mon) – Feb 15 (Sun)

During the event period,『Path of Atavism』will be reopened in the guild-exclusive “Black Hole”!


Points to note:

  1. “Black Keys” x 8 will be consumed for each entrance to the stage 『Path of Atavism』. Each Summoner can enter the stage ONCE per day.

  2. When the stage is cleared for the first time during the event period, “Harpy” x1 will be awarded.

  3. All Soulstones in the stage will be automatically transformed into Great Soulstones.

February 8, 2015
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