【Tower of Saviors Version 7.22 for Android Update Announcement】

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Download Tower of Saviors Version 7.22 for Android:

Tower of Saviors Version 7.22 for Android is available now! To ensure smooth function of game, Summoners are advised to download the latest version and update the game immediately.

Fixed issues in Version 7.22 for Android:
1. Unexpected Quits caused by crashing when logging in.

2. The glitch which Runestones could be moved while traveling through battles is fixed.

3. Display error of 『Court of Sagittarius – Hertz』 ‘s highest Active Skill Lv. after reaching Amelioration IV is fixed.

4. The setting error of CD for『Lü Bu the Warlord』’s Amelioration IV Skill is fixed (Correct Skill CD should be 15).

5. The glitch occurs when picking the Ally in 『Multiplayer Mode』is fixed .

To ensure you have the right team before you enter the stage in『Multiplayer Mode』, Summoners are recommended to rechoose your Ally on the “Team Configuration” page.

October 19, 2014
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