Writers Wanted

As our site continues to grow, so does our content. NooBabble is at its second year and has already grown and continues to do so. With that in mind, we’d like to push out content in a bigger volume and explore other areas of interest. What are we looking for exactly? You can choose what you want to write about, however, you can write about more than one topic.

We are looking for high quality content. You can speak your mind and form your own opinions in articles.

  • Movie Reviewer(s) – all kinds of films; most recent films to classics (you’re not limited).
  • Gaming Reviewer(s) – ANY OR ALL: console, PC, mobile (3DS, PSP, cellphone, tablets, etc).
  • TV Show Reviewer(s) – ANY (Genre). Currently airing preferred but not limited.
  • Anime/Manga Reviewer(s)/news – Love anime and manga? Want to review a series you really loved/hated? You can do that too. :)
  • Otome game updates – upcoming events/any other updates to the games you already play or information on unreleased ones.
  • Game updates – if you have a League of Legends PBE account and want to inform people of the latest updates, then you’re set! Otome game updates too! You are not limited to League of Legends. Any other game (DOTA 2, Smite, TF2, MMOs, shooters, etc) updates are also a point of interest for our site.
  • Music – latest updates on music, recommendations, etc (suggestions welcomed).
  • Latest News – Want to write about the latest news in any of the topics listed above? You’re in the right place.


Game Updates Extended
Build Guides and patch updates for:

  • Smite

Is the game you want to write about not listed? No problem. Inform us!

If you’d like to be a movie/game/TV show reviewer and you’ve written reviews before, we would love to see your work. Or if you’ve written reviews recently and would like to showcase/feature them on our website, you can do that too.

Interested in joining us? You can send me an e-mail to elu@noobabble.com or use the contact form below. You can ask us anything regarding this post.

NooBabble is growing and we would love to have any of you join us in continuing to publish content!


Fill out the form below if you’re interested!


We accept bylined articles linked to your website, if you own one!
This is not a job, therefore, there is no pay (at the moment). However, this is a huge step forwards in earning experience and adding to your portfolio. With more content comes more traffic. And with more traffic comes great opportunities.

We look forward to hearing from you!

September 15, 2014